The Chairman of Elders forum and stakeholders of Eke-Ukwu Owerri Traders, Chief Emma Okeke has stated that the alleged support by traders of displaced Eke-Ukwu market to the All Progressive Grand Alliance Party (APGA) is to say the least very deceitful.

Speaking to journalists recently, Chief Okeke opined that one Alex Okwudili who led some street Traders to APGA to render support does not have capacity to do so because his tenure as the chairman of Eke-Ukwu market expired before the demolition of the market by the APC led government in Imo state.

Chief Okeke went further to posit that Mr. Okwudili  whose clandestine roles and complicity that allegedly led to the demolition of Eke-Ukwu market  that has caused deaths of many traders in the recent times should be hiding his face in shame by now.

Chief Okeke further stated that Mr. Alex Okwudili is on his own over his comments in the moment Newspaper publication of June 19th 2018, because all what he said in that publication does not represent the stand of the real stakeholders and Elders forum of displaced Eke-Ukwu market traders. Chief Okeke wondered him Mr. Okwudili that was alleged to have collected two block of shops at Egbeada market to sell out the Eke-Ukwu market to Imo State government before its demolition can turn around to say that traders in Eke-Ukwu market will demolish APC in 2019.

Who is mayhem, suffering and agony to displaced Eke-Ukwu market traders. He therefore advised hi to stop shouting wolf after working as Judas –Iscariot with Apc government  in Imo State to unleash mayhem on Traders of Eke- Ukwu market .Chief Okeke Maintained that they traders of displaced Eke- Ukwu market will be willing to partner with any genuine Political Party that will be ready to pay Compensation to the displaced Eke –Ukwu market traders and provide an enabling environment for their business.

He advised Political Parties willing to partner with them to reach to the chairman of the Elders Forum and stakeholders Led by him and not touts and their street traders to avoid regrets. He further stated that traders are known for their numbers during elections and all of them have their PVC ready for 2019 election.

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