Mystical Knowledge behind Scientific Advancement


Mystical knowledge and sciences are the basic things a man should know if he wants to arrive at the truth. For instance, physiognomy, prosopomancy, cabbala, graphology, astrology, naphology, Para-psychology, psychometry to mention a few are all the sciences within the sphere of mysticism. Now, as a personality within the multilayered worlds of existence, the worlds of existence are the material universe, the psychical world and the noetical or mental world- World of space, time and energy.

These worlds co-exist and are to some extent intermingled. The material universe is our earth, our solar system, our Milky- way galaxy and all other galaxies scattered throughout the three- dimensional space. The material universe and everything existing in it are under the limits of both space and time. That is to say, they are under the constraints of measurable distance and the progressive sequence of events.

As a matter of fact, there are different laws governing each of the three worlds of existence. Laws of physics like gravity, inertia, cohesion and others regulate matter and our physical life on earth. We learn about the laws of the material world and how to live in harmony with these laws in childhood. But we are not only inhabitants of the material world we are also simultaneously citizens of the psychical and noetical worlds, we have a psychical and a noetical body corresponding to these worlds that co-exist within and around our material body. The average person is not aware of their psychical and noetical bodies yet they are using them subconsciously in expressing emotions and thought. Most people are not aware of the psychical planes of existence yet they subconsciously enter these worlds every night as their material body is sleeping on bed. And after the death of the material body, we as personalities continue to live in the psychical and noetical worlds. These worlds or layers or planes are all located within the personality of man. This I will explain later.

In the psychical world, the spatial laws of third dimension are obliterated. Space as the measurable distance of length, width and height is simply non-existent in the psychical worlds. Also the sense of time changes in the psychical planes, but continues as meaning derived from a sequence of events. The psychical and noetical planes are worlds of conditions, which convey impressions that give us a sense of place. It is not easy to understand existence in the forth-dimensional worlds of the psychical planes from the limited framework of our third dimensional existence of earth. In the same manner, it is not also easy to understand the fifth-dimensional conditions of the noetical planes. It is a little like a tadpole who has been living entirely in water trying to understand the nature of dry land. But just as the tadpole one day is destined to turn into a frog, leave the water and move on dry land; we too will one day shed our material body, leave the material world and pass over into the paradise-psychical world.

The great scholar Daskalos, described these other planes of existence and their governing laws in detail, in many of his books. About ten years ago, he said that Science would eventually discover these other dimensions, their existence, and call them “universes”. A few months ago in a special edition of the Scientific American Magazine, theoretical physicists from Stanford University published their research on what they are calling parallel universe. They postulated these universes co-exist simultaneously with the material universe. This is exactly what Daskalos stated all his life. This cutting edge theory has been able to explain the so-called Dark Matter phenomenon that scientists discovered but could not explain.

Orthodox science tends to dismiss and explain and even ridicule the finding of mystical research. Yet, mystics have always described realities that scientists later find with their own methods and eventually embrace as truth. Mystics accurately described the body’s circulation, and nervous system many centuries before medical science found out about them. They wrote about and published diagrams of the atom with its nucleus and orbiting electrons many years before orthodox science officially “discovered” the atom. So we can take some directions from what true mystics have reported in the past to what scientists will find and verify in the future. In the words of Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis, “Our system of esoteric Christianity celebrates the eternal truths known to all great religious traditions, while firmly based in the teachings of the God-man, Joshua, Immanuel, the Christ and the New Testament”.

Many adepts have experienced these higher planes of existence and the realms of Beingness. The Christian church identified these as the seven heavens. The Buddhist teachings in the Tibetan book of the Dead tell of other states of existence between death and birth, calling them Bardos. Sages in India teach of seven Lokas or worlds above the earth. Similarly, the teachings of the Researchers of Truth identify seven planes of existence within the psychical world and even planes of existence within the noetical world. Within these worlds, each plane also has another seven discernable sub-planes. The psychical world is within, and extends thousands of miles around the earth. This psychical counterpart of earth does not touch the psychical counterparts of other planets or galaxies. During Out-of-the body experience or at death, we pass into the psychical counterparts of the earth. No one who passes over after the death of the material body leaves the planet. They simply enter into the psychical counterparts of the earth.

The death of the physical body is not the only death we will undergo as personality. After the death of our physical body, we will continue living in the psychical world in our psychical body, until such time we shall pass over to continue our sojourn of existence in the noetical worlds in our noetical body. This is what is referred to in the Bible as second death. Many will not understand me here due to our various mundane credos, which have hitherto become an avenue for mental hypnotism. A situation where there are many religions yet the level of spiritual understanding is very low makes mockery of our religiosity. Mystical tradition which Christ and his Apostles including the Church Fathers taught is today vilified and replaced with Neo-pagan creed, in as much as it provides food on our daily dirty tables. This ignoble situation has given birth to the common slogan that “man die go.” But the true situation is that he continues to live on in noetical planes.

Man continues to exist after the second death in noetical planes with his noetical body. Just as the psychical world is in and around the planet so too, the fifth-dimensional noetical world is in and around our planet. Though, it extends much, much farther beyond the earth than the psychical world. Our earth with its sun and the other planets are suspended within this vast neotical world. Now, travel from the noetical planes of one planet to the neotical planes of another planet is possible-noetically. This is the way extra-terrestrial beings travel. Time loses its meaning in the neotical worlds as we come to the edge of the time-space-place worlds of existence and approach the threshold to the Eternal Now. A person passing from the psychical world to the luminous neotical counterparts of our planet will see the same landscape-mountains, forests, seas, and so on. However, the luminosity of the light is so much greater in the neotical world. This light emanates not from a sun or artificial means but emanates from within every particle of neotical substance just as psychical light emanates from within every particle of psychical substance.

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