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Within the ambit of democratic best practices all over the world Gallup Polls, or Opinion Polls or simply Survey as they are severally tagged, are conducted, both officially and unofficially, in the specific society to weigh the strength of each aspirant and determine how each aspirant would fare in a particular election.

In developed democratic societies Gallup Polls are quintessential instruments that help political parties, politicians, electorates and various other passive stakeholders to form their decision about respective aspirants and candidates in an election. In most cases the weighted cumulative results of the Gallup Polls by various reputable research organizations almost always correctly forecast the swing and sawy of the election at the end.

Sentiments notwithstanding, it is at that backdrop that the significance of the now famous Osuji Survey among governorship aspirants in Imo State conducted by the popular Dr. Chuks Osuji, the very reputable erudite public affairs analyst and commentator, who is fully into the business of communication, advertising and marketing research.

Dr. Osuji’s survey and its attendant published report are quite significant. This is because they reflect an accepted practice in democracy before every general election across the democratic world. It signals that Nigeria’s democracy is going to a higher level. It establishes and confirms that democracy is actually growing in Nigeria. And that is very good.

It was a delight reading nay studying the 14-page professionally packaged survey result report. Dr. Osuji indicated most solemnly that it was not a sponsored survey but an effort by his organization and a team of media research and marketing professionals to contribute to the forthcoming 2019 general elections. Nothing could be more sacrificially patriotic.

An America president, Abraham Lincoln, is historically reported as urging Americans to bother about what they can do for America and stop bothering about what America can do for them. Dr. Osuji’s famous survey is a visible strong testimony of what he has done for Imo State nay Nigeria to help achieve credible, free and fair elections in 2019. He deserves due commendation and applause.

According to Dr. Osuji the survey was conducted for three months, March to July 2018, across the 27 Local Government Areas (LGA) of the state, among 38 potential aspirants. Now that is very significant. It proves that the survey quite thorough and meticulously conducted as it is in the character of the wonderful Dr. Chuks Osuji to do.

It is quite amazing that for solid 90 days with innumerable quality man-hours, Dr. Osuji and his team of experts in Opinion Polls research, researched, collected and collated raw data, processed the raw data, analysed the data, wrote a standard research-findings report and went on to publish same to the awe and appreciation of members of the society. It must have been quite a painstaking exercise that was eventually successfully accomplished. As they say, the end justifies the means!

It is obvious that Dr. Osuji has the love of Imo State in his honest and humble heart. It was most magnanimous and benevolent of him to have expended huge personal men and material resources to assist stakeholders in the Imo 2019 electoral process to gauge the politicians one of whom must emerge in the next few months as the governor that will pilot the government and governance of Imo from May 29, 2019.

Dr. Osuji’s survey also serves as an eye-opener of all sorts. For example, it showed Imo people and all other people, to whom it may concern, that though all gubernatorial aspirants are described as “incoming” only one will occupy Douglas House from 2019. Dr. Osuji’s survey humbly implied that the sweet sound of bitter kola is always betrayed by its bitter taste. His survey proved that many aspirants, soaked deep in pride and arrogance, rate themselves far higher than actual worth. Dr. Osuji’s survey established that though many aspirants claim to have heard a call to vie for governor, they are actually on their selfish, deceptive, unedifying mission.

Furthermore, Dr. Osuji’s survey threw down many an aspirant from their undeserved, self-elevated high stools, overturning their claims to popularity and exposing their unpopularity and infamy. He implied that many an aspirant lacked requisite relevant and desirable experience in spite of much mouthed claim to possession a cacophony of unsubstantiated experience.

The greatest significance of the sum of the role Dr. Osuji’s survey serves is that he, to a remarkable extent, highlights the attitude and predispositions of the Imo electorate towards expected major dramatis personae in the 2019 electoral hostilities. And that too is very good. At least there now exists a document by which a scientific assessment of each of the aspirants and candidates could be made.

Now, the summary of the research report by Dr. Osuji established that Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the aspirant and expected candidate, and the anticipated next governor of Imo State, is leading the rest of the aspirants in the pack. For many well-meaning good people of Imo State, the emergence of Ihedioha as the people’s choice of governor of Imo State in that survey is obvious. This also accords due credence and impetus to the now famous Osuji Survey on prospective Imo governor.

In every calculation and permutation of the governorship equation in Imo State as it relates to 2019, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha will emerge tops. This is primarily because with each passing day he has proved to be a primus sans pares of a peculiar sort. In every leadership criteria, Ihedioha stands excellent. That Osuji’s Survey identified and situated the Ihedioha fact, it is an impetus to both the survey and Ihedioha.

One reputable public affairs activist that I love to love is Dr. Ethelbert Okere. The title of his latest book is: We All Can’t Be Wrong”. On the monumental outcome of Osuji’s scholarly survey, we all in Imo State cannot be wrong. Imo people have spoken. And as they say, “Vox Popli Vox Dei”. The voice of the people is the voice of God. Ihedioha has been proved to be the actual incoming governor of Imo State come 2019.

It is most preposterous that some people decided to most unfairly disparage, castigate and molest the person of Dr. Chuks Osuji for doing what he knows how best to do, which exposing the truth for which he has become very reputable. It is even more sordid that some unscrupulous people, who hitherto regarded Dr. Osuji as an oracle of balanced analysis and commentary, are spearheading his crucifixion for finding out by an empirical study and stating the truth that for various reasons, the greater number of Imo people in the 27 LGA of the state want Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha as governor in 2019. It is painful that some abnormal people turned against harmless Dr. Osuji, mocking his disability and asking him “where is your God?”, just because the result of his explicit, unhindered, normal survey did not favour the weaker, less popular, inexperienced and non-performing, non-credible, double-dealing candidates.

Ironically, in an infantile response to Dr. Osuji’s well-structured survey that met all international standards, some irresponsible jerks, within few hours after the copious Osuji Survey was published, also made public some hurriedly packaged inanities they dubbed “survey report” indicating that one emergency aspirant that I love to see as a pretender emerged Imo choice of “governor”. It was more provocative and annoying than laughable. Little wonder it did not last more than few hours on the media before Imo people trashed it.

Incidentally, what Osuji has exposed he has exposed. What he has written he has written! And it is an obvious statement of fact. Ihedioha is the first without equal. Ihedioha is the best for Imo!

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