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Governor Rochas Okorocha is certainly a special kind of human being. He is different in many ways from the usual human beings we know. He is a true reflection of whom a Christ follower should be. In all things, he seeks peace, he promotes love and he insists on service to humanity. He does not allow betrayals from others affect his thoughts on philanthropy and human building, generally. He abhors violence and is excessively tolerant.

As a sitting governor, Rochas has the legal and illegal capacity to ensure that those opposed to him do not step their feet into Imo State, but even when that is suggested to him, he waves it off, telling you that there is no reason why anyone should be hurt in the struggle for power. Ugwumba Uche Nwosu is a lot like him, too. The youthful Imo 2019 governorship surebet abhors violence and any form of illegality. It took Uche Nwosu’s insistence that no one should fight for there to still be peace in this State. I can assure you that had Uche Nwosu been in anyway like our usual politicians, not a single person among the so-called coalition criminals would step their feet into Imo State. This is because, his mostly youthful supporters are boiling with anger that these criminals are being allowed to operate freely in their illegality.

Ugwumba Uche Nwosu would call you on the phone just to tell you that for no reason should there be violence. He would tell you to go back to your house and sleep that the law would take its course in due time. For Governor Okorocha and Ugwumba Uche Nwosu, every Imolite is a valued sibling, even when some of them choose to take the infamous routes of portraying our State in bad light before the world, they still see them as misguided siblings, who may realize their mistakes and return to the path of light.

Take the controversial congresses of the APC going on across Nigeria. It has been one report of violence after another bloodshed linked to the Congress, but in Imo State, the fights and altercations have always ended in newspapers and televisions. The governor has made sure that the anger of his followers does not spill over for any reason. He has also restrained himself from deploying his powers as the Chief security officer of the State to rein these people in, even when their actions are clearly illegal and an affront on the authority of the governor.

A number of these men who have constituted themselves into an evil gang with the sole aim of grabbing power, know Governor Okorocha in and out. They know his aversion for violence, hence, their confidence that their provocations will be tolerated. There is not a single person among these coalition criminals who as a sitting governor would tolerate a pinch of what Governor Okorocha has tolerated from them. Even at this time when they do not have power, we know how intolerant they are, even to social media attacks on their persons or activities.

From Ondo to Jigawa, Enugu, Lagos, Kwara and other States of the Federation, it has been one tale of bloodshed after another, as a result of this crisis ridden congress of our great Party. However, in Imo, the governor has made sure that there is no breakdown of law and order. This coalition of impostors has even been credibly fingered in the attempted burning of the State Secretariat of the Party in Owerri, but the governor has continued to tolerate them. When he talks about these provocations, he tells anyone who cares to listen that these men are just misguided and there is no point coming down heavily on them.

I do not know of any other sitting governor in the history of our democracy who is as tolerant as Governor Okorocha even in the face of unbearable provocation. With Okorocha and of course, Ugwumba Uche Precious, I can now understand that the true test of strength and power does not like in hitting out as soon as you are provoked, but in the restraint exercised when you are provoked. Governor Okorocha and Ugwumba Uche Nwosu’s temperament is recommended to anyone who aspires to the position of leadership.



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