Okorocha’s Urban Renewal Is Working – Archbishop Ibemere

Archbishop Andrew Ibemere

The Archbishop of Sabbath Community Church Aboha-Ohii in Owerri West L.G.A of Imo State Archbishop Andrew Ibemere has stated that the Urban Renewal programme of Governor Rochas is yielding fruits.

Speaking to journalist recently, His Grace Most Rev. Ibemere stated that very soon Owerri metropolis hill look like Dubai. According to him the Bank Road is complete, the Okigwe road is completed, the warehouse – Akwakuma is almost completed, Bank Road to Douglas Road is under construction, Wetheral Road to Emmanuel College is under construction and Wetheral to MCC Toronto is under construction. By the time these entire road projects are completed, Owerri will look like major cities in Europe and USA.

Archbishop Ibemere posited that what Governor Okorocha is doing now will not be appreciated until he leaves office. Late Chief Sam Mbakwe while in office was not appreciated until he left office. Bishop Ibemere opined that Governor Okorocha is a visionary leader and that is why he is always writing about him.

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