Ugwumba Uche Nwosu

If you grew up in a home where the male children are left with the duty of slaughtering chickens or any other animals during festivities, then you will better appreciate the insignificant noise coming out from the opposition moles in Imo APC who took up a befitting alias; Allied Forces of Darkness. Even when the head of the chicken is already off its body, it still struggles and even runs around as if it would be able to run away. I’ve seen a particularly stubborn chicken run some steps after its head had been chopped off. In its foolishness, it was running to safety, but sooner, it came in various parts in different dishes as guests and friends munched on the delicious meal it provided meat for.

Those men who constituted themselves into some irrelevant nuisance in the APC are well aware that they have been put in their right places, and that is not for the time being, but forever. As long as the APC is concerned, these men don’t exist. They are one bunch of very bad malignant tumor that was deployed by the opposition to destroy our Party, but who have been surgically excised and our Party healed. While these men represented the most aggressive form of faggots in the body of our Party, it took the experience and expertise of Owelle Rochas Okorocha to surgically remove them from the Party and restore the great health of the Party in the State.

The National Convention of our Party was the right theatre to conduct the surgery. While they were busy yelling and wailing over nothing, we were readying our surgical knives and blades waiting for the right theatre to permanently cure our Party of their disturbances. I can assure you that these men have been properly expunged and thrown into the dustbin, where tumors are discarded.

It won’t be long before you realize that they have decayed in the dustbin and become smelly, unless they quickly pick themselves up and get into another body where they may continue their malignancy.

Sokom Rexanunobi can better be described as one of those cancerous tumors that pose as benign and may have escaped detection during scan, and when left untreated would radically destroy the body from inside. The Nkwere born political anywhere belle face is one sickness, the APC in Imo State and indeed, the Rescue Mission political family would have missed treating if the opportunity of the national convention didn’t present itself. I celebrate his detection much more than I am celebrating the emergence of Emma Ibediro as the National Organizing Secretary of our Party. This is because Sokom is one in house enemy who would have given us some serious injuries in 2019, because he would have been given some sensitive assignments during the general elections and his betrayal would have been more effective.

Sokom’s purported petition to the Convention Appeal Committee is just a way of retiring the about 50 million Naira he was alleged to have received from the other group in order to betray the Rescue Mission political family. He is under pressure to prove to his sponsors that he is truly with them, even though, he can hardly convince anyone that he truly belongs anywhere.

The Hilarious Ekeh is still grandstanding as a time buying measure to escape from been asked to return the monies and house he was alleged to have received from the impostors as price for betraying his lifelong mentor. He knows very well that there is nothing at stake for either himself or his gang of impostors.

One thing that is certain is that the era of photo-op congresses is over in Imo State. A proper congress will soon be held in the State and executives of the Party at various levels will emerge through a transparent process that will not keep people asking if there was congress and where it was held. The days of hiding in abandoned buildings and inside some dangerous hotels to snap pictures to post on the internet as evidence that congresses held are over. Imolites will in a matter of days or weeks know when and where these congresses will be held and get to participate if they so wish.

Generally, what the so-called Allied Forces of Darkness are doing is better described as the last gasps of some dying cocks or the last desperate attempts of some criminals caught in the act and set for the gullotine.


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