Ugwumba Uche Nwosu

He was called a house boy. He was called the son of a poor Catechist of the Anglican Church. And that poor or house boy and that son of a poor Catechist came before billionaires in the guber election. 

I have been told that the number of times any of the folks writing for the governor-elect, Chief Emeka Ihedioha, attacks me in the media would determine his or her eligibility for appointment. And they are leaving no stone unturned in doing that. They are doing it to the best of their abilities or capabilities or capacities. The guys are doing that with vigor. One wrote with the Caption “Onwuemeodo’s Crime against humanity and humanities”. God willing, I am going to reply that spiritually stunted fellow next edition under this Column. But, has Absalom peace who conspired against David, his father? I Read “Moreover, Ahithophel said unto Absalom, let me now choose out twelve thousand men and I will raise and pursue after David this night” (IISamuel 17:1). May God not allow me be in a situation I will be “hoping against hope”. Or, working like a Caterpillar and eating like an ant. I am talking about the writer of “Onwuemeodo’s crime against humanity and humanities”. He answers Ori Martin. Perhaps, his own job is to insult me and count those who have extendedfavours to me. And in doing that, he has only counted about fifteen of such favours, which means either he does not know me or those who engaged him or briefing him about me decided to be austere in mentioning suchfavours. So many of them. The Management of Vanguard Newspapers transferred me from Owerri to Port-Harcourt to be in-charge of South-South when Dr. Peter Odili was governor. I got to Port-Harcourt and the only brother Odili’s wife, Justice Mary Odili has, Barr. Okey Nzenwa was my classmate at Mbaise Secondary School. I was the Senior Prefect, and he was the Games Captain. I met him and became part of the “Cabinet”. He was too powerful. They were calling him Chairman. He introduced me to Odili as his Senior Prefect and until I left Port-Harcourt, Odili was calling me Senior Prefect. The rest is history. My father died, I informed the late Marshal Harry, he told me to bring the budget. And I did. He laughed and asked his Manager to give me Cheque of more than what I stated as the estimate. The favours have been extraordinary. I enjoy abundance of God’s Grace. I have been eating, drinking, enjoying or even chopping the Grace of God. That is why I do not care about who becomes governor or who does not, because what I have or enjoy is Superior to governorship. Next Monday, I am going to give my testimony on this page to the glory of God, so that those who do not know, would know. When you see yourself in such a situation or condition, the solution won’t be in a media attack against yours faithfully, but in looking upto God, YAHWEH, because it is a Spiritual thing. Not physical. When a problem becomes Spiritual, it takes only God to come to the rescue. I am being audible and not soliloquizing or whispering or murmuring. In a situation like that, you go for your MELODIES of PRAISEnumber 152, “I NEED THEE EVERY HOUR”. We can sing the Chorous together “I need thee, O I need thee; Every hour I need thee! O bless me now, my Saviour, I come to thee”. “I hear you”. Guess what? You need God to persevere and not attacks against Sam Onwuemeodo, one short man from Mbutu in Aboh Mbaise LGA, Imo State. Do you understand? We go on.

UCHE NWOSU: HIS GAIN, HIS ALBATROSS IN THE 2019 GUBER POLL. That’s where I’m coming from. I worship God. And I read a lot of books that could help me build my faith and trust in God. And God only. I recommend some for you so that we can always share the grace together. THE GIFTED HANDS by Ben Carson; COUNT ON GOD by James Keener; and so on. Looking at the outcome of the 2019 governorship election held on Saturday, March 9, 2019, Uche Nwosu did very well. I may also say that he won the election. His being placed second by Prof. Francis Ezeonu’s INEC in Imo also speaks volume. And what is the import of all these? The attendant implication is that the issue of Son-in-law as blackmail tool never worked. It never played out. Imo people or the Imo electorate never bought into that balderdash. If they had bought into that campaign of calumny orchestrated by selfish elite, Nwosu would not have come Second following the Imo INEC Standard. But Senator Ifeanyi Araraume of APGA, Chief Hope Uzodinma of APC and Chief Ikedi Ohakim of Accord Party, coming behind Nwosu in that election also added grease or fibre to the position or contention that Imo people never considered the son-in-law stuff an issue. They treated the issue the way it should, by not giving attention to it. In other words, Imo people voted for Uche Nwosu in the election for who he is. And not because he is a son-in-law to the governor on Seat. It is also a confirmation that Rochas Okorocha has done well as a governor. That should be the interpretation of the Superlative performance of Uche Nwosu in the governorship election. I am not asking for anybody’s opinion. That is the truth of the whole matter.

He was called a house boy. He was called the son of a poor Catechist of the Anglican Church. And that poor or house boy and that son of a poor Catechist came before billionaires in the guber election. I won’t ask anybody to shout Alliluya or to praise God here but when these people mock a poor or house boy, they are mocking all of us who came from such poor background. When they called Uche Nwosu house boy, who cannot be governor, they were also saying that some of us from poor homes or from such poor parental background should be forgotten. But it won’t work for them as long as God is on the throne. May the sons of poor men or house boys marry the daughters of Kings, Governors, Presidents etal, who God could also use to make them Governors and so on. If you ask me, every poor boy or house boy or girl should use Uche Nwosu as a point of contact with God when praying. Uche Nwosu, a poor guy from a poor home, married the daughter of a governor, who wants him to succeed him. May other poor boys or house boys from poor homes marry the daughters of Presidents who would also want them to succeed them. We won’t succumb to the whims and caprices of these wicked and self-centered elite. Imo people voted Nwosu, not minding the son-in-law Campaign. Uche Nwosu’s gain. Rochas Okoroch’s gain.

Unknown to these Ephesians called elite they have made Uche Nwosu a National and International figure or Politician of note over night. They marketed the guy beyond his imagination and even beyond his capacity. The world has known who is Uche Nwosu, the same house boy from a poor home. They thought they were undoing him not knowing that they were uplifting him or taking the guy to the next level of his accomplishment. He is also lucky because he is not tall or huge so that people can always express surprise when they see him for the first time and then thank God for who he is. Are you the same Uche Nwosu everybody talks about? People would ask. Nawoo!!! This God is wonderful. That is the joy, ladies and gentlemen. I feel good in my spirit as I write. I feel excited. Before the election, during the election and after the election the name Uche Nwosu has remained constant in the media. It has remained a recurring decimal. Let me cut the long story short.

Uche Nwosu’s albatross was that he chose to be a good Nigerian or a patriotic Nigerian by believing INEC and playing according to the rules. Read my lips correctly. Before the election INEC repeatedly said that the Card Reader must be used in voting. And that the votes not captured by the Card Reader won’t count. Nwosu believed INEC. Perhaps, as the son of a Catechist. But he got the whole thing wrong. And I do not blame him. May God bless him for not cutting corners. He believed the letters of the Electoral Act and the Constitution which say it must be “one man, one vote”. Nwosu never knew that INEC never meant business over the use of Card Reader. Double-Standard is not a good English word. You may ask, how did Nwosu obey INEC over the issue of Card Reader. I tell you.

Aboh Mbaise has 106,224 registered voters. Ahiazu Mbaise 94,734, Ezinihitte Mbaise 84,279 and Ngor-Okpala 94,060. These are the main Federal Constituencies Chief Ihedioha’s Victory came from. If you add the registered voters in these Federal Constituencies under the control of Ihedioha you have a total of 381,670 voters. For Aboh Mbaise Ihedioha had 64,219 votes, Ezinihitte 30,035, Ahiazu 32,987, Ngor-Okpala 11,502, totaling 138,743 votes. Uche Nwosu comes from the Federal Constituency of Nkwerre/Njaba/Nwangele/Isu. For the number of voters registered, Nkwerre has 56,284, Nwangele 50,518, Njaba 63,647, and Isu 53,962 which would amount to 238,411 registered voters. For the governorship election, Nkwerre, AA had 8,205, Nwangele, AA, 9,934, Isu, AA, 7,695, and Njaba, AA, 8,297, totaling 34,131 votes. You can now clearly see where I am coming from. The truth speaks for itself. The use of Card Reader versus the non-use of the Card Reader. Nobody should be blamed but INEC, because what the Commission has ended up in doing is telling those concerned, not to take whatever instruction or directive that comes from the body serious next time. And it is not good for our democracy. We are just using Imo as a Case Study. INEC should ensure appreciable or total compliance of its rules and policies. If Nwosu had ignored the Card Read stuff, he would have not got just 8,205 votes from his LGA Nkwerre. He took INEC serious and that was good of him but it turned out to be his albatross. Obedience to Constituted authorities. It is a virtue. It isn’t easy at all. These are the reasons the tribunal action is most welcome. If at the end of the day, the tribunal, the Appeal Court and the Supreme Court say, whatever Imo INEC or Prof. Otunta did was right with regard to the guber poll in the State including declaring Ihedioha winner of the election, Uche Nwosu will be asked to Congratulate him, but where the truth prevails over lies at the end of the day, we will also say, to God be the glory because what is what doing is what doing fine. Afterall, good music only comes from the piano when both the white and black keys are played. We shall Continue to Clap for Jesus.  


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