Lucifer was at the time of creation till later in the history of the world, one of God’s most favorite angels. He was the chief praise singer of God. God brought him so close the throne of Heaven that he was in what could be regarded as God’s kitchen cabinet. Every other angel of God knew how close Lucifer was to God and they respected him a lot.

Lucifer seized the opportunity and became very influential in heaven. He won the loyalty of some of God’s angels and also wielded some powers, too. However, their was one person that was surely higher than that of Lucifer, after the Almighty God. Lucifer understood that after God, the next person is Jesus Christ, who was to later come to earth to pay a prize for the salvation of mankind.

While the Bible did not record this, any great thinker can easily analyze that apart from coveting God’s powers and the worship from other heavenly bodies, one of the reasons Lucifer rebeled against God was because he became envious of the closeness between God Almighty and Jesus Christ. Remember, the Bible describes Jesus Christ as being on the right hand of God. In other words, Christ is the heir apparent to the heavenly throne. What most motivated Lucifer to rebel against God is envy. He was not just envious that all the heavenly bodies were loyal to God Almighty, he was most envious that Christ Jesus was the heir apparent to the heavenly throne.

What strategies did Lucifer deploy in trying to dethrone God and stop Christ? Blackmail, lies, slander, promises of better deals than God has provided, etc. The first creature to attempt a coup is Lucifer, whom we now like to call, Satan, Devil and all the bad names. These strategies allowed the Devil to win a number of God’s angels to his side, and also God’s first human creatures – who can rightly be called God’s first human fruits – also fail prey to Satan’s slanderous blackmail against God. The God Almighty allowed Satan to continue in his foolishness and even gave him enough time to remain in heaven and convert a number of angels to his side. This enabled God to be able to sort out his real followers from potential rebels. Through this method, God was able to deal not just with Satan, but all potential rebels in heaven. Now you know why it is that more than 2000 years after the Devil was disposed from heaven, there has not been any such attempt at rebellion by any angel in Heaven. Satan and his converts, whom we now call demons are eternally banished to Abyss.

In Imo State, Governor Okorocha has mentored very many politicians to heights they never imagined they could get to in life. Most of them had already retired from politics and now concentrated on reading newspapers every morning till Governor Okorocha came into power and made them both politically powerful and financially formidable. These politicians were helped to positions where they now think they can challenge Okorocha or even overtake him, even in a Party they never said anything good about.

Like Lucifer, these politicians have employed all manner of slander to paint Okorocha dark and they like Lucifer, have succeeded in getting their fellow ingrates on their side. Governor Okorocha from what I know is enjoying the whole drama and thanking God for allowing this wind to blow so that the dirty stumps of potential traitors would be exposed. While these politicians have already seen their own Abyss staring them on the face, their scanty supporters have continued to believe that somehow they will be retained in heaven.

No matter on which side of the divide we find ourselves in the present political drama playing out in Imo, you must be really worried about the activities of these present day Lucifers who feel they can succeed in a game their master, the Devil could not succeed at. We have to be worried because ingratitude does not just affect those who indulge in it, but also those who would have benefited from those individuals who have been betrayed by those they helped to lift up in life.


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