President Buhari and His Natural Hatred for Ndigbo

President Buhari

He is no longer hiding it. He is not pretending about it. It is written all over him. President Buhari’s hatred for Ndigbo has become not only legendary, it has become an Institution.

It is no longer news that President Mohammadu Buhari through his aides has given indication of his government to hold Distinguished Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe (An Igbo Man) and others to account for the whereabouts of Citizen Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). It is no news that President Buhari is reportedly plotting to have Senator Abaribe and others imprisoned if they are not able to account for the whereabouts of our son, Citizen Nnamdi Kanu.

One thing is very clear here: The hatred for Ndigbo has so blinded President Buhari that he reportedly sees every Igboman as a candidate for prison, even when the fellow has committed no crime. Bikonu let me ask; who should account for the whereabouts of Citizen Nnamdi Kanu? Is it not President Buhari and the Chief of Army Staff (General Tukur Burutai) that should explain the whereabouts of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)?

Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, as a responsible and law abiding citizen of this country teamed up with other equally responsible people and stood as sureties for Nnamdi Kanu, and he (Kanu) became a free man once again. Whether Nnamdi Kanu broke or breached his bail conditions should be left for the courts to determine, but Buhari would have none of that. Perhaps, since he was not around when Nnamdi Kanu regained his freedom through court bail; now that he is back in the country, the IPOB leader must be brought back to prison, dead or alive. Pronto, Buhari ordered the military to invade Nnamdi Kanu’s house in Afaraukwu, Umuahia in Abia State to arrest or kill him. This is the second week of the illegal invasion on Citizen Nnamdi Kanu’s residence, which left many of his relations dead, and many other seriously wounded. So President Buhari and General Tukur Burutai should be held responsible to explain the whereabouts of our son Citizen Nnamdi Kanu, and not Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe. The question
should rather be; President Buhari and General Burutai, where is Citizen Nnamdi Kanu?

In an ungodly and wicked bid to kill Nnamdi Kanu, President Muhummadu instructed the Army to kill, main and abduct Abia citizens, which was carried out. This was deliberately executed because Buhari’s hatred for Ndigbo has become not only legendary but also an institution.

Recall that Nnamdi Kanu was criminally and illegally arrested in October 2015 by the Department of State Security (DSS). After detaining him illegally on false charges, he was charged to court and granted bail. Nnamdi Kanu fulfilled his bail conditions, but the DSS and President Buhari refused to release him. Again the court granted him bail and he met his bail conditions, but the DSS and President
Buhari flouted the court order by refusing to release Citizen Nnamdi Kanu.

It was at this point that Almighty God perhaps got angry with President Buhari and allegedly struck him with illness, which warranted and necessitated the President being taken out of the country for treatment. The absence of President Buhari (no doubt) created another opportunity for bail to come the way of Citizen Nnamdi Kanu. The bail conditions, though very stringent, were met and he
regained his freedom.

Nevertheless, Almighty God, showed mercy on Buhari and allowed him to recover from his illness a little bit. Buhari returned to the country and refused to show gratitude to God who spared his life. He rather threatened Nigerians (especially Ndigbo) through his National Broadcast. Not happy that Citizen Nnamdi Kanu had regained his freedom, Buhari ordered the Army to go and arrest and kill him, using the platform of “Operation Python Dance”. I see the hand of Almighty God playing out in all these. It is obvious that God is going to deal fatal and devastating blows on these shameless leaders who have continued to make life more miserable for his chosen people of Ndigbo.
King Pharaoh of Egypt hated, tormented and marginalized the people of Israel to the extent that Almighty God sent his servant Moses to go and rescue them, by demanding that the people of Israel should be allowed to go. Pharaoh refused and rather hardened his heart, and even increased the heavy burdens of the marginalized people of Israel, just like President Buhari is presently doing to Ndigbo in this country. I am sure the reading public knows this story too well, and how Pharaoh and his army ended up at the Red Sea. Almighty God has remained who he is. He changeth not. The same situation will surely happen in this country, in Jesus Mighty name I pray. Amen.

Perhaps, President Buhari feels, thinks and assumes that he can resist God from having his way in this country. He has so marginalized Ndigbo in the socio-political and economic affairs of this country that it is so obvious that even a blind man sees it. I have written a lot on this marginalization of Ndigbo by President Buhari. This man hates Ndigbo to the extent that he has refused to visit the South East Zone of this country. Buhari has visited the South- South zone. He has visited the South West zone. He has visited the North Central zone. He has visited the North East Zone. He has visited the North West Zone. The South East zone is the only zone in this country Buhari has not visited and may not visit, because it is peopled by Ndigbo. Rather, he sent soldiers to come and kill us just because we are Ndigbo.

Buhari hates us with passion. An Igbo man who is a Professor, a PhD holder and former University Vice Chancellor was made a junior Minister of Education while Buhari’s Fulani brother who cannot even write a sound comprehensive article is the REAL Minister of Education. There is nobody from the South East heading a security organ of government in this country. The North does not produce crude oil, yet Buhari ensured that 70% of hard core positions in the Nigerian
National Petroleum Company (NNPC) are occupied by northerners,  while the South East that produce oil in very large quantity has no single person in the top positions at the NNPC.

Buhari awarded the contract that would see Railway Projects sited in the other five zones of the country, without any in the South East. The South east has the worst network of roads in the whole country. Despite the contribution of South East zone to Nation’s building, it receives the least monthly Federal allocation. Agam Ekwu Ole Hara Ole? Extra-judicial killing of the people of South East by the Police, DSS, EFCC, ICPC and military etc are now on the rise because there is nobody from the zone heading any of these security agencies.

The Fulani herdsmen are today more emboldened to commit crimes of killing, maiming, Armed Robbery, destruction of farmlands in the South East, kidnapping,  Raping of our Women, Violent attacks on our communities etc, just because Buhari who is reportedly their Life Patron is now the President of this country. He has refused to categorize the Fulani Herdsmen as a terrorist group.  Buhari through his Senior Special Assistant on media and Publicity, Mallam Garba Shehu has described the Fulani herdsmen as a mere criminal gang; yet he is reportedly their Life Patron. To add salt to malicious and deep injury, President Buhari appointed the legal Adviser of the Fulani Herdsmen as the Secretary of the Federal Character Commission.

During the Nigerian/Biafran Civil War of between 1967 to 1970, Buhari participated in the killing of over three million Igbo. In 1983, he overthrew a democratically elected government. The then elected President, Alhaji Shehu Aliyu Shagari, a Fulani Northerner was placed under house arrest. While the then elected Vice-President, Dr. Alex Ekwueme, an Igboman was thrown into Kirikiri prison. The Biafran Warlord, Dim Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu, who had been earlier, granted presidential pardon by Shagari, was arrested and thrown into kirikiri prison.

During Buhari’s days as Chairman of Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF) in the 90’s, he reportedly ensured that the South East zone was marginalized
in the distribution of amenities, road rehabilitation etc.
Again, Agam Ekwu di ole, Ma hara kwanu ole? Buhari’s naked hatred for Ndigbo has indeed become an institution. I have written a lot on these hatreds and the reading public has access to all my published materials. Nevertheless, let me call on the people of South East not to cry again, for Almighty God has heard their prayers. The word of God is ever constant. The whole world will rather pass away than the word of God not to come to pass.

Almighty God has stepped into the boxing ring to fight the cause of Ndigbo. He never loses a battle. He did it for Daniel; he will do it for Ndigbo. As all those who plotted evil for Daniel were wiped out, so shall all those plotting against the progress and freedom for Ndigbo be completely wiped out, in Jesus Mighty name I pray, Amen.

In the book of Daniel Chapter 4, we saw how King Nebuchadnezzar who resisted the power of Almighty God was dealt with. God inflicted him with sickness and insanity for seven good years. He ate grasses like animals in the bush. He lost his kingdom and throne for seven years. Also, in the Act of the Apostles Chapter 12 from verse 1 to 24, we saw how Almighty God dealt with King Herod Agrippa. This king persecuted Christians, killed many believers, arrested many Apostles and
imprisoned many followers of Christ; exactly the same way President Mohammadu Buhari is persecuting Ndigbo, marginalizing Ndigbo, arresting Ndigbo on flimsy excuses, killing Ndigbo by using the army, imprisoning Ndigbo even when the courts grants them bail.

King Herod Agrippa even went as far as proscribing the activities of the followers of Christ, describing it as ‘terrorism”. This is exactly what President Buhari has done to the Biafran activities of Ndigbo. But the good news is that Almighty God sent an Angel who struck King Herod Agrippa with an incurable sickness. The king was later consumed by worms and he died shamelessly and hopelessly. Conversely, it is not a coincidence that President Muhammadu Buhari is sick. It is not a coincidence that Buhari is currently having health challenges.

As a vessel unto honour, As an Oracle of Almighty God, As Almighty God’s Anointed Socio-political Crusader in Nigeria, I decree that unless President MOHAMMADU Buhari completely submits himself to the will of Almighty God in this country, the word of God will surely come to pass, in Jesus Mighty Name I pray, Amen.

As a renowned ‘’terrorist’’, I am well armed with the Word of God to confront President Buhari and his criminal gang (Fulani herdsmen). Almighty God has been speaking in this country through his Vessels, but President Buhari has refused to open his ears. He is listening to himself. He is listening to his Fulani brothers. He is listening to his henchmen. He has refused to listen to what God is saying. The truth remains that those who are resisting the power of God in this country are fighting a battle they can never win.

He who sows injustice will surely reap calamity (Proverbs Chapter 22 verse 8). If a man returns Evil for good, evil will never depart from his house (Proverbs chapter 17 verse 8). Bread of deceit is sweet to the mouth but afterwards the same mouth shall be filled with gravels and stones (Proverbs chapter 20 verse 17).

The word of Almighty God is forever constant, and must surely come to pass, in Jesus Mighty Name I Pray, Amen. So if President Buhari likes, let him continue in his wickedness against Ndigbo. If he likes, let him continue in his Jezebelic and evilcratic style of leadership in this country. If he likes, let him continue in his naked marginalization of Ndigbo in this country. If he likes, let him continue to threaten Ndigbo with uncircumcised officers of the Nigerian Army.

One thing is ever certain; on every Goliath, there is a forehead.
I rest my pen.


Hon. Citizen Dr. Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha FCAI, MKDA.
Former Senior Special Assistant on Media
Former Senior Special Assistant on Special Duties
Imo State House of Assembly
Owerri Imo State Nigeria
25th September, 2017.

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