1. Saudi Arabia is the headquarters of the Islamic religion. They practice the religion to the core . In fact the holiest Islamic site is there . They practice polygamy . Mortality rate there is low . Standard of living and health condition there is very excellent and they are very wealthy They have access to the sea on all sides . Have land mass of 2,149,000 sqkm.
There POPULATION as at 2015 = 28 million of which, 8 million are foreigners .

2. Nearer home in Africa . Our next door neighbors up north is Chad . Land mass of Chad is 1,280,000sqkm. They are almost 100% an Islamic state with the same culture , religion, agrarian and animal husbandry profession and even ethnicity as our brothers in the Northern part of Nigeria . They marry many wives too . But with a population of 13 million people . Ndjamena there capital city nearer the Chadian basin and rivers have population of 700,000 .

3 Our other neighbor Niger Republic , with a landmass of 1,270,000 sqkm , who share the same culture , language , ethnicity , agrarian and animal husbandry profession and religious practice that allows polygamy like our brothers up north has a population of 18m people .

4, Now fast forward to NORTHERN NIGERIA , with a land mass of 614,000 sqkm. Which is a quarter of that Saudi Arabia . Half of that of Chad and Niger. With very much higher mortality rate than Saudi Arabia . Ravaged by poverty and disease with one of the worst health care system in the world . No access to any river , sea or body of water like Saudi Arabia, yet someone want me to believe that they have 90million human beings living there .

Now wait for the bigger contradiction , Benue and Plateau states , the richest and greenest belt within the North does not have as great a population as their neighbours, who live in the arid desert . Haba! HOW? By what magic ? If you query them , they will tell you that there religion allow them to marry many wives . So how come your brothers in Chad that marry so many wives and who also live by the great lake Chad are not as populated as you are ? Common people .

Festus Odimegwu was on the verge of unraveling this mystery and exposing this grand fraud foisted on us by the Britishers , before Jonathan sacked him . That was one of the unforgettable and unforgiving sins of Jonathan against the Nigerian state .

Look around you , from Sudan to Mauriania to to Somalia to Egypt to Morroco, practicing Muslim countries in the Northern part of Nigeria and Africa with the same polygamous religious culture , some even with access to the sea, far greater land mass and healthier and richer health conditions . Check out their population.
Please kindly review the factors that influence the population of a given region or location at any time (it is an assignment) and tell me what you get .

I have a friend , who is a pilot . He has flown the length and breadth of Nigeria . The guy is at a loss as to where the 90million are hiding in the Northern part of Nigeria . He cannot understand the mystery .

It is this kind of unresolved mystery and fraud , that has continued to fuel the agitation of progressive folks for a total overhaul and restructuring of Nigeria . We cannot continue in this lies without resolving it . It is offensive , insulting and annoying for you to continue to throw a false and bogus population figure at my face. A figure that does not show at all in the bottom line . A figure that adds no much value to the common wealth .

Enough is Enough .

#Restructure Nigeria now or #BIAEXIT

Nnaemeka Obiaraeri

The Editor
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