Who owns the HERDS, HERDSMEN and their WEAPONS?

It is very difficult for most Nigerians to believe the successive Nigerian government at each point in time. This is because even when the lowly masses see solutions to national challenges the deceptive Nigerian government and leaders at all levels conspiratorially feign ignorance of having any inkling to the solution. A very good example of this thinking is the confessed inability by the relevant security organs in Nigeria to arrest leaders of the Arewa youths that released Kaduna Declaration. This stance of the inept Nigerian government since nearly one full month of that said felony by northern leaders is in spite of the fact that the criminal northern youths are still granting press interviews here and there. Such double standards form part of why Ndigbo are vehemently demanding the independent state of Biafra.

The menace of Islamic terrorists that pretend to be herdsmen has gone far beyond menace to an outright full-blown Islamic jihad. The feigned inability of the incompetent Nigerian government under President Muhamadu Buhari to do anything about a terrorist group that go about murdering men, women, young and old, including children and infants has since led to Ndigbo interpreting the activities and actions of the Islamic herdsmen as the furtherance of the islamization of Nigeria of the Muslim north. To contradict this conclusion by Ndigbo will require the Nigerian government shifting from mere political rhetoric to actually arresting, prosecuting, convicting and incarcerating the criminal Islamic herdsmen.

But despite all forms of perception management being weaved by the intolerable Nigerian government they cannot do anything about the herdsmen even if they wipe out the entire southern Nigeria. This is because of a number of reasons. First, as already highlighted, it has always been in the established agenda of the north of Nigeria to slowly and steadily Islamize the entire Nigeria through any means fair or foul. Research on the speeches of northern leaders like Ahmadu Bello in his life time will reveal the islamization agenda. To this extent, the Islamic herdsmen are treated like the true Islamic missionaries they. Hence, they are seen as messengers of the Islamic god. Who will want to arrest the messengers of a god? Second, nearly everybody who is anybody in the leadership bracket of northern Nigeria is a life member of cattle owners association in the Arewa nation. President Muhammadu Buhari while declaring his assets added that he owns 270 cattle. Now, these cattle are not for his personal consumption but part of his business conglomerate.

It is unfortunate that even in the face of these facts; the highly tribalised Nigerian government still pretend not to know what to do about the Islamic herdsmen. But we must better see their shameless show of ignorance as self-conceit. This is because they know the owners of the herds and they know the herdsmen they have entrusted their herds and they know who armed the herdsmen. So why does the Nigerian government to be worried about the criminal activities of these Islamic terrorists rather among the first ten of most dangerous terrorist groups in the world? I once stated that if you want to end the evil murders by the criminal Islamic herdsmen, then get ready to arrest the owners of the cattle. I said so because I was able to prove in the article that the nomadic terrorists do not possess the wherewithal to own cows in such large numbers as we see in Nigeria. Then also they do not have the power and authority to acquire and put to use such high caliber rifles and matchete they deploy as weapons of mass destruction killing thousands of people who dared to stop their cows from eating up food crops and even cash crops, especially in the southern side of Nigeria.

Over the time it has been proved that the Nigerian government and their leaders from the north through their evil herdsmen value the lives of cows far more than the lives of their fellow human beings, especially Christians. This idea is drawn from the confessions of some of the cow-owning northern leaders who cite the killing or rustling of their cows as the provocation of the herdsmen to kill thousands of people in given communities. And despite all the deaths caused by these evil Islamic herdsmen, the government never does anything tangible beyond pretentious dousing of tension only for the herdsmen to reenecat their wickedness at another community soon after. I once recommended that President Buhari should resign if he had no answer to the herdsmen question. But I never expected him to resign since resignation is not in the character of criminal officials of the insincere Nigerian government.
Some states in Nigeria like Ekiti, Taraba and Benue have enacted laws forbidding open grazing of cattle within the borders of their states. The criminal owners of the cattle and their criminal herdsmen have been openly threatening the governors and officials of government for daring to contemplate and institute such a law. Yet, the executhieves and legislathief members of the Nigerian government insinuate that they do not know what to do with terrorists and jihadists gradually Islamizing Nigeria as a whole. Who is fooling who in Nigeria? Should Ndigbo keep quiet until the jihadists overrun our land, raping our women and destroying our sources of earning food? No! That is another reason why every well-meaning Ndigbo must stand up in total support for the independence of Republic of Biafra. There is no law that says that the cows that must be eaten in the southeast must be grazed in the southeast. Ndigbo must not sacrifice their nationality for pieces of cow meat!

It is sad that governors of the southeast that should join the fight against open grazing of cattle are pretending to be good Nigerians hoping to become vice president or president of Nigeria from southeast extraction. In their delusion they forget that whatever they are or they may become will pass away very soon after but Ndigbo will abide forever until Jesus returns! Imagine that the authorities of the Imo State Polytechnic have been lamenting the wanton destruction of farms in the institution which serve as practice farms for both local and international agencies and organizations but neither the Nigerian governor nor the Imo State said or done anything about the evil of Islamic terrorists called Fulani herdsmen. Would heaven disappear if the parliaments of the southeast zone enact laws prohibiting open grazing off cattle in the southeast just as some states have successfully done? Are elected people from the southeast at all levels representing northern interests or the interest of Ndigbo that elected them? They know they have disappointed themselves and under normal circumstances should have since resigned or refuse to seek re-election in 2019 into any elective position.

Finally, if the Nigerian government dominated by the north since 1960 have been honest Nigeria should be a better place to live in today. But see how after the ruin by Tafawa Balewa with the prodding of Ahmadu Bello, followed by Yakubu Gowon, Murtala Mohammed, Olusegun Obasanjo, Shehu Shagari, Muhammadu Buhari, Ibrahim Babangida, Sani Abacha, Abdusalami Abubakar, and Musa Yar’Adua has kept Nigeria as the poorest country in the world. Through their dishonesty Islamic terrorism, and all sort of criminal activities has become the way of life among majority of Nigerians over-burdened with poverty, disease, sickness and death. Today, every Nigerian has become a criminal with kidnapping being a common experience everywhere in the country. The solution at this stage has been zeroed into the acceptance by the north the restructuring of Nigeria to establish fiscal federalism. And since the north seem unavailable for that they must accept the peaceful dissolution of the country to at least let Ndigbo free from Nigeria. Anything short of this is like buying cows, hiring herdsmen, arming them and ordering them to shoot at sight, only to turn around and be asking “What can we do about these herdsmen?” Only the truth shall set Nigeria free!

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