There is no longer the slightest doubt in anyone’s mind that a clique of oppressors, not just in Imo State, but from across Nigeria are ready to stake anything in order to ensure that the relative peace, unprecedented infrastructural transformation, previously unimagined prosperity among the poorest of the poor, massive educational development and unusual political and economic empowerment enjoyed by our youths are arrested. These men have pumped in funds in the billions and in the dollar denominations to achieve their heinous objective, but ordinary Imolites are also hell-bent on resisting anything that threatens the freedom and prosperity they have enjoyed for the past seven years under the Owelle Rochas Okorocha administration.

While I shall attempt to expose these ignominious games in series, in this outing the concentration is on the media blackmail angle. Propaganda is as important in politics as it in war. The major targets of propaganda in war and politics are; to propagate the ideals of a chosen group and sell them as superior to those of the others, to project the opposing group as villains, to try as much as possible to demoralize soldiers of the opposing camp by sending out materials that project your group as being in an advantaged position against the others, to project the opposing group as weak, unintelligent and evil, etc.

In the media and propaganda, the opposition in Imo State and outside have teamed up not minding their differences, because they believe that Governor Rochas Okorocha is too powerful, too popular and too strategic to be left at the mercy of a single group. The deal is to help any group at any point to stop Okorocha and in essence, stop the progress and prosperity of the people, no matter what it takes. Stopping Okorocha from continuing with his pro-people policies and programs is a collective duty of all oppressors and enemies of the people, be them in PDP, SDP, APGA, or anywhere else. The battle is for nothing else, but for them to regain control over Imo resources.

Powerful and very wealthy interests from within and outside the State are involved in this evil conspiracy against the people of the State. Some displaced godfathers who were stopped from coming to the Imo State Government House to share the State’s allocation are afraid that should they allow the people have their way in 2019 by Ugwumba Uche Nwosu becoming governor, they would have been permanently retired.

Chief Uche Onyeagucha is a frontline asset of the opposition in the blackmail game against Owelle Rochas Okorocha. An APGA chieftain and governorship hopeful on the same platform, Uche Onyeagucha is one of the over fifty people who feel that they deserved to have been endorsed by Owelle Rochas Okorocha as his successor. He is personally embittered against the Imo governor and is in cahoots with his gang members who posture as APC members, hence, his regular vomits of smelly falsehood against the governor. Onyeagucha is responsible for the cheap lie that Governor Okorocha is planning to join APGA. However, as a failed lawyer, who is trying his hand on propaganda, Onyeagucha failed to remember that Owelle Rochas Okorocha’s next most important political ambition is to become the President of Nigeria in 2023, and the Ogboko billionaire philanthropist understands that APGA is the most rickety of vehicles to board at this point in his political career.

As a political Party, APGA understands that Owelle Rochas Okorocha is a winning machine and any political Party he as much slant a little sympathy to will win election easily. APGA strategists believe that associating Governor Okorocha with the APGA will raise their membership profile, as they believe that Imolites would begin to think that there could be something good about APGA for Owelle to have thought about it. The truth however, is that APGA is not better than a social cultural organization with its untidy headquarters at Aguleri in Anambra State. Owelle cannot identify with a political Party that does not have any prospects to win elections at the national level.

The target of planting that piece of crappy like in the media is to blackmail the Imo governor before the presidency and the national leadership of the APC. In Onyeagucha’s dimwitted analysis, he was helping the allied forces of darkness within the APC, in their impossible bid to hijack the Party structure in the State. However, it is not surprising that his thinking cap fell off his head. It always does.

Within the APC, there are also people who believe that 2019 is the best time to launch grievous attacks against Owelle Rochas Okorocha in order to weaken his momentum before 2023. This set of people understands that Owelle Rochas Okorocha is certainly the next president of Nigeria after President Muhammadu Buhari. For them, they have two options; either to stop Buhari from winning in 2019 or to weakening Governor Okorocha significantly so that, it won’t be an easy ride to power for him in 2023. While some of these people recognize that Okorocha will be the best thing to happen to Nigeria in 2023 and are ready to support him, they want to bring the Imo governor to the negotiating table. They know that the popularity enjoyed by Owelle across Nigeria at this time can lift him to the presidency with little or no contribution from them.

Another hireling of the opposition elements who gate-crashed into the APC is the media outfit of the PDP. The PDP in Imo State know that the only chance they have of making any impact in the general election is to stop Ugwumba Uche Nwosu and other candidates who have the support of Owelle Rochas Okorocha from emerging candidates of the APC, hence, the entire media directorate of the PDP has fully coalesced with the so-called allied forces of darkness struggling to take over the APC Party structure in the State and destroy the Party. The PDP has some good thinkers among them and they understand that those who constitute the so-called allied forces of darkness are those who cannot win their polling booths in any free and fair election. They have instructed their social media team to sustain the pressure on the APC to ensure that the Party’s NWC falls into the booby trap set for them by these political hawks.

The opposition knows that no sensible person will listen to them if they raise any argument that Governor Okorocha hasn’t treated Imo people well. Even them, confess that Imo has never had it better before now. Their new line of blackmail is that Governor Okorocha plans installing his family members in various positions across the State. That is actually the only argument they think they can raise against Governor Okorocha to win some sympathy. They also know that majority of Imolites have fully embraced the candidature of Ugwumba Uche Nwosu for governor and are ready to do anything to ensure that the seasoned technocrat, chattered administrator and eminent entrepreneur wins the governorship seat in Imo State come 2019, hence their resort to lying that the governor also plans to support two of his sons to win legislative seats at national and State assemblies. In truth, none of Governor Okorocha’s children or siblings vying for any elective position come 2019. It is not just fair and correct but also necessary that Governor Okorocha represents the good people of Orlu zone in the Senate come 2019. If he eventually decides to put that ambition on hold, it would be to give himself time to earnestly prepare for the presidential contest in 2023.

It is unfortunate that someone who is an executive director of a federal government agency could shamelessly and unintelligently go to a live TV channel to spread unfounded stories about his governor and his family. Azuatalam, who could not win his booth for President Muhammadu Buhari in any of the elections the President has been a candidate in since 2003, now claims that he loves the President more than anyone else, because he was fortunate to have inveigled himself into the first family’s sympathy. Jasper Azuatalam cannot prove that even his own mother and immediate relatives voted for Buhari in any of the elections the President contested in since 2003. Even in 2015, when the President eventually emerged victorious, Azuatalam’s booth was lost to the opposition PDP. This is a clear indication that the young is either irresponsible to his kinsmen or not really committed to the President Buhari political project.

Azuatalam should be reminded by those who egg him into his own political doom that a child who had his nuts cracked by benevolent spirits will be making a mistake if he arrogates the powers of the spirits unto himself. Azuatalam can have a very brilliant future in politics, if he is humble enough to toe the wise path. It will be unfortunate if he is deceived into making his own political grave just as his own political career is just picking up.

by: Onwuasoanya Fcc Jone

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