NORTHERN NIGERIA Causes All Hate Speeches In The Country!


If anybody is still confused about the promises of security for non-northerners in the northern Nigeria after October 1, 2017, such a person must be a chronic “Doubting Thomas” whose blood will be wasted by the swords and cudgels of northern youth and people that will certainly go on a wild raging rampage after the expiration of the October 1 deadline issued to Ndigbo nay southerners resident in the northern region. There is no sensible argument or controversy about this! How can anybody believe that the highly tribalised Nigerian government can secure the lives and property of non-northerners when they commence their usual slaughter jihad? Has the Nigerian government dared to even arrest the Arewa Youth leaders that issued the quit notice? If the Nigerian government is afraid and unable to arrest about a dozen youth leaders that released such a felonious declaration, what is the assurance that the Nigerian government can prevent a million incensed youths bent on making Islamic paradise at all cost! Even animals and insects know when their stay is no longer desirable! So any southerner killed in cold blood by northerners after October 1 simply committed willful suicide! The north will cause those southerners that defy their desire for an Islamic country that is not polluted by infidels from the south to leave in pieces for failing to go in peace!

The Nigerian government’s inability to even as little as show any sign about hunting for the Arewa Youth leaders indicate their bias and segregation in this country. And as many have averred the same would not have been the same if it were to be in the south that a group made such a sensitive threat against the northerners living in the south. We see what northerners do in Lagos and other parts of the south whenever the feel threatened in minor issues as space at Ketu market in Lagos. Instructively, at the end each such brouhaha all northerners that were arrested will be released but non-northerners will be detained and dehumanized. That is the highest height of actual hate act! The north are the worst promoters of hate in Nigeria but when they feel cornered as they have been cornered by the pro-Biafra agitators, they roll out their old drums and start singing of hate speech. It was for the same excuse of hate speech that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was arrested and detained for nearly two years. Today, for full one month Arewa Youths that committed that same supposed felony of uttering hate speech are not arrested even when they have confessed readiness to appear before the police if invited. What is the difference between what Nnamdi Kanu said to warrant his arrest and what the Arewa Youths have said that they are above the law of arrest?

The hypocrisy of northern cry against alleged hate speech is eloquently spoken by the murderous activities of the Islamic cattle rearers that have been baptized as Fulani herdsmen. This group of Islamic terrorists as the relevant international agencies have described them are marauding all over the south of Nigeria killing, raping, stealing and destroying the hope of ordinary people. And when the southerners dare to cry out aloud they are muzzled with the hypocritical tune of hate speech. Does any sensible person expect love speeches from victims of the Nigerian government brutality? Should we be peddling love speeches for Boko Haram Islamic terrorists? Or when Islamic Fulani herdsmen rape my mother, my wife and my sisters to death I should be uttering love speeches to them? The instrument of so-called hate speech is an integral part of every virile society depending on the circumstances and the situation. The circumstances and situation that the northerners have exposed this country is the root cause of hate speeches all over the country. It did not start today and will only end if freedom is granted to Biafra and any other nation in Nigeria that wants to bail out. You don’t press me down on the ground making to kill me and expect to be laughing and singing “One love keep us together!” There is what is know as principles of cause and effect.

The worry about hate speeches does not hold any water because even among nuclear families hate speech is a part of life among husbands and wives and their children. Does it make them kill one another? Hate speech is not the cause of the trouble in Nigeria as much as hate actions of the northerners. In every ramification the north has shown that it hates the south. Our forefathers told us so. Azikiwe said. Awolowo said it. Adaka Boro said it. Ojukwu then shouted it loud and clear. And a host of other well-meaning southern leaders also said it. In the midst of the very clear evidence of hatred and malice by the north against the south, should we be chanting “One Nigeria!” and singing “Nigeria we hail thee!”? That is rubbish! Because southerners are marginalized, oppressed and suppressed in all aspects of national life in Nigeria, the likes of Nnamdi Kanu emerged. If there was no injustice and inequity in Nigeria, hat business will Nnamdi Kanu have thinking of pushing the agitation for Biafra to greater heights? Why would Ayo Fayose and Femi Fani Kayode and Femi Aribisala and such other great human rights crusader in the western region be lampooning the Nigerian government?

To ameliorate the situation now has become too herculean. The wild dragon is already at large! That is why an immediate restructuring of this country to reflect pure fiscal federalism is quintessential now. Besides it, the only available option is the outright dissolution of the country. Somebody has said that both are like the two sides of the same coin. Well! What is important is that the continued unity of this country must be negotiated or renegotiated at this most trying period in the country. All the music about restrain from hate speeches is diversionary and not target at the real solutions. There is no way hate speeches can stop in Nigeria with the high level of injustice and inequity going on. Let us face the reality of our Nigerianess!

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