Nnamdi Kanu’s Visit To Owerri

Nnamdi Kanu

According to eyewitness, the encounter that happened at the Douglas Road Owerri ,where multitudes of crowd convened to welcome Nnamdi Kanu the sessecionist and Biafra Agitator. A lot of version if the same story has been peddled.

According to eyewitness, it was alleged that a lot of things happened in the capital city. As the narrator will have it , he put it this way

” For those of you who don’t know what transpired on Wednesday in Owerre between Nnamdi Kanu and Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha, here is what transpired”

He continued that;

The governor summoned the commoners, he locked all the markets to ensure compliance. They were to meet him at the Dan Anyiam stadium. The people suspected he wanted to use them to score another political point to show that the people are with him and not with Nnamdi Kanu and His Biafra “ignoramuses” as you, very enlightened people call them.

These people decided to arrive with Biafran flags and banners to the venue, large flags and banners. They hoisted the flags all over the stadium. They waited for their governor for more than 4 hours , he didn’t show up.

Information filtered in that he has asked them to reconvene at Heroes Square, some said ICC, some, freedom park. Some persons marched to these venues and the governor did not show up in any.Nnamdi Kanu

Suddenly news filtered in that Nnamdi Kanu was passing through Douglas road to Mbaise road enroute Umuahia.

Immediately the crowd surged, persons numbering more than 100, 000 came out to have a glimpse of this circumstantial hero and “fraud” as you Mr and Mrs integrity refer to him. The noise was tumultuous, motorists stopped, the police and traffic personnel joined the entire people to sing and wave at that man you labelled a “fraud”.

The joy in the faces of these illiterates whose voices you hate to hear whenever they chant Biafra, was emotionally overwhelming.

The people have chosen their leader!
The other political office holder(s) is(are) having a very lonely stroll along the street of leadership.

Culled from
Ferdinand Ekene Facebook page

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