Ndigbo and Biafra


Ogbonnaya Ifeanyi Ify posted this on his timeline and it makes sense.
My post this morning is to all my Igbo brothers and sisters. I am posting this mindful of the insults and abuses I will receive. I’m prepared to take them.
Ndigbo, o gini n’eme anyi? Onye mere anyi ifea? I thought the Igbo man is intelligent? I thought the Igbo man is smart? Where and how did we get it wrong? How can we expose ourselves to the current ridicule we are facing in Nigeria? A country we have invested so much in all nooks and crannies? Investments that many are jealous of. Investments you want destroyed or lost? A country we have fought and lost a war? Who learns from his own experience if not a fool? Are we foolish?
Where are our leaders? Who are our leaders?
My people say ” ilokalia, ezelu ufodu”. How can we be abusing and insulting everybody and be hoping to attain independence with their support? Independence to what end? Independence for a people without leadership? Independence for a people that are not united? Independence for a people who have investments running into billions scattered across the same nation we are running away from?
Ndigbo, how do we think we can win this latest agitation by abusing, insulting and threatening everybody. “Yorubas are cowards”. “Hausas are cows “. “Niger Delta people are lazy”. “Everybody is against us”. “Everybody hates us”. Let me ask, who do we like? Who are we smarter than? Must we expose our flanks by rude and brazen talks?
You want Biafra? What are you plans? What are your strategies? You want to adopt Judaism? You want to bow and worship Nnamdi Kanu? Who is he? What is his pedigree? What are his plans? Where is he leading you?
Our brothers in the diaspora, you sit in your comfort zone where you enjoy freedom of speech and of association and you hold Biafra rallies, puting your kith and kin at home in jeopardy. What is it? What is wrong with us?
In Mbaise, Imo state, Igbos have refused that their Igbo brother from Anambra cannot be bishop in a Catholic church. The Pope, the supreme leader who cannot be faulted when he speaks ex cathedra, has spoken and the clergy, religious have disobeyed him. And you want Biafra where ordinary people will preside? Once you achieve Biafra, all your problems will vanish? We will become paradise by mere proclamation?
Ndigbo, o gini? Where are your leaders?
Where are our politicians? They are busy buying choice property and building estates. In Anambra, they are seeking Kanu’s endorsement to become governor. Ewooooooo!
My people, my people, my people, nsogbu di. Ezigbo nsogbu. Let nobody deceive you. We are making a very big mistake. A costly mistake. And we will regret it.
I am tired of reading quotations from renowned authors. I want common sense to prevail. I urge everybody to speak up. Talk to our youths and traders who are misguided and angry.
We are marginalized. But what have our political leaders past and present done to look inwards? Onye ajulu ona aju onweya? We had our people in GEJ government. What did they do? We supported GEJ, and still support him, what did he do for us?
Now, if you disagree with me, respect yourself. Post counter arguments with facts. If you post insults and abuses, I’d delete them. This is my timeline. I own it. Post the insults on your timeline. Ekwusigo kwam.

– Sir Fred Chukwulobe

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