MBAITOLI NEEDS A VOICE – Theodore Chinonso Uba

Theodore Chinonso Uba

I set out early in life molding my future,structuring it towards total emancipation of the people around me and spreading happiness wherever I go.

I attended a public Nursery & Primary school in Ogui Enugu: Ogbete Nursery & Primary School Ogui Enugu very close to Holy Ghost Cathedral Enugu. I felt the impact of a public school in the 80s when discipline was the order of the day and punctuality the soul of business.

I moved over to a public secondary school Community Secondary School Ugbonabo in Awgu LGA of Enugu state where discipline and respect were the order of the day.

I got admission into a catholic Seminary School;Sacred Heart Seminary School Nsude in Udi LGA of Enugu state where I experienced a total transformation and academic empowerment cum spiritual operation!

Attending the seminary was the greatest gift my parents Rtd Insp Christopher (late) & Mrs Margret Uba gave me and I will forever remain grateful to them.

The seminary exposed me to the world,made me more appreciative of the people around me. The spirit of brotherly love was inculcated in me and the soul of justice ignited!

As I grow up I discovered I have alot to offer my generation and make our society better.

I started with the Boys Scout where we were trained to be friends to all even animals. We were taught to be fair in all we do.We were trained to respect those in authority but stand against injustice of any type because injustice to one is injustice to all!

Graduating from that level to higher institution,I have this burning desire to positively affect the lives of those around me.In 2005 after my NYSC, I established one of the best secondary school in Mbaitoli LGA,Immaculatecomprehensivesecsch Ifakala. The school made her mark in absolute discipline, academic excellence,extra-curricular activities and vocational skill acquisition…

Immaculate Comprehensive Sec Sch Ifakala became the toast of parents desirous of qualitative training of their wards and they never for once regretted that decision because I employed the same seminary training I got in the handling of my students..

Its on record that over two thousand students passed through my school from 2005 till date!!!

Before I established Immaculate Comprehensive Sec Sch Ifakala,I had taught in about six schools scattered around Mbaitoli,namely Nassar Comm School Awo Mbieri,Mbieri Vocational School (AKA Kamaki) Orie Mbieri,Holy Rosary Sec Sch Orie Mbieri,McDonald Comm School Amaulu Mbieri,Kings Vocational School Ifakala, and Basic Comprehensive Sec Sch Ohohia Mbieri,all in Mbaitoli LGA.

I can beat my chest and say YES I know Mbaitoli very well, having circled round the nine major towns of my LGA during my teaching days!!

As a journalist I have never failed to represent Ndi Mbaitoli.I have used my profession to promote justice ,fair play,equity and good governance in Nigeria & Imo state in particular!

I strongly believe that when the chips are down Ndi Mbaitoli will certainly go for he who can speak for them come 2019!

I may not be the Best,but I know I will do everything in my power to FIGHT FOR MY PEOPLE if their right is been tampered with!

YES I have the capacity to do that by Gods Grace and come 2019,Ndi Mbaitoli will correct the mistakes of the past by sending someone who can attract development to the area and create jobs for the teeming Mbaitoli Youths scattered all over the state!


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Theodore Chinonso UBA

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