The Influence of Gov. Rochas on Imo Commissioner of Police – Part 1


The crescent demolition of Eke-Ukwu Owerri has elicited many reactions from the general public and the reactions have been misunderstood by those who play politics with everything. Few are of the view of the very fact that some elites from Owerri extraction have acted wisely by mourning the late Somtochukwu who lost his youthful life in the illegal demolition. Ohaji Egbema youths are indeed at loggerhead with Owerri youths as a result of this.

Accusations and counter accusations springing up here and there.
Some have also blamed the Imo police for supporting Gov. Rochas in promoting illegality; on the side of military presence and sporadic shooting, much have been said. Prominent sons and daughter of Imo state have continued to pay condolences to the late family.

No matter how people see it, I see that the spirit of unity is been resurrected in Imo particularly among the divided elites. I love my state Imo, and I also love my governor Mr. Rochas Okorocha but I distaste his actions. He acts ‘irrationally’ most times. He does not obey the rule of law and flout court orders at will. This is not the good quality of a leader.

In one of the fables of the slave philosopher Aesop, he shared a story of the goat and the vine thus, “One goat was straying in a vineyard, and began to browse on the tender shoots of a vine which bore several fine bunches of grapes. ‘What have I done to you,’ said the vine, ‘that you should harm me thus? Isn’t there grass enough for you to feed on? All the same, even if you eat up every leaf I have, and leave me quite bare, I shall produce wine enough to pour over you when you are led to the alter to be sacrificed.”

Aesop saw clearly our present day as this witticism and profound epigram captures our state. I’m tempted to state here that Gov. Rochas administration has shown reason to doubt anyone that is associated with him. Gov. Okorocha hardly does anything without any ulterior motive; the demolition of the great ancestral Eke-Ukwu Owerri market may not be an exception. But like Aesop in his fable, the more mistake Gov. Rochas makes the better for his political enemies because very soon when he shall be led to the altar, for political sacrifice in 2019, he sins shall never allow him to produce his successor.

Like the vine replied the goat in the fable, Owerri zone will be able to put themselves together to ultimately deal with Owell’s candidate in 2019. Already, Gov Rochas has lost hold of APC, and may be relying only on the executive fiat of President Buhari to save him. Thanks to Senator Ifeanyi Araraume whose method of playing politics shall daze and bamboozle Rochas very soon.

Chief Araraume is in for a serious battle and must pick APC ticket against the whims of Gov Rochas. Though, the vicious cum fierce political battle that shall soon manifest in APC in Imo is not my major concern here; my interest is to examine the influence of Gov. Rochas on the Imo Commissioner of Police.

Mr. Ezike Okey, the present Imo CP came to Imo state not to amass or accumulate ill-gotten wealth but to sincerely police crime and criminality for the safety of Imo people. On his assumption of office, few weeks later a close friend of mine (a DIG) Called me to ask if I have gone to see the new CP sent to Imo and identify with him, I responded by telling him that I shall do so when I see his ideology and dexterity in policing crime.

I am moved by achievements and not unnecessary bravado. DIG in charge of ICT laughed and we continued with our friendly discussions. In the words of Fulton J. Sheen, “Character is not in the mind, it is in the will.” In this will lies proper action as some people are just merely good for nothing but it is good to be good for something. For Mahatma Gandhi, “A man of character will make himself worthy of any position he is given.”

It is good to think well but very divine to act well. As a matter of fact, I delayed for some months before making my position public. Police is our friend and we are also their friends. No doubt, I have received several letters of commendation from Imo police command in appreciation to my contribution to nation building.

If any CP does well, I usually commend him and I am glad to announce here that my letters and articles on so many national dailies have contributed to the promotion of some commissioners of police to the rank of AIG. As a social critic I write and criticize base on profound evidence.

I must say that Mr. Ezike started on a good note. I called him on phone and consequently informed him of our eyes on him. He gladly appreciated my call and promised fighting the high rate of crime in Imo state. Few weeks after my chart with him, I noticed increase in police visibility within the state. No doubt this good and commendable effort of the CP has greatly assisted in sending signals to criminals thereby reducing the rate of crimes.

Due to the high rate of unemployment, some of our youths decided to take to crime and criminality to make ends meet, as a result, the Douglas Road became like a meeting point of criminals. My sister was rubbed and huge amount stolen from her on a broad day light at Douglas Road. Few weeks later, my younger brother a medical expert at the FMC, was also rubbed and his phones were stolen.

He confessed to me that as the rubbers were searching him, passersby were all looking at him and were gratifying themselves. He vowed never to visit Douglas road anymore. The ugly experiences of people are endless. I also remember going to the Douglas road with some team of well armed police men for arrest over stealing and attempted murder.

The Imo CP also deployed men of the police to Douglas road and their presence reduced the constant rate of arm robbery and molestations. Having said that, I wish to remind my reader that Mr. Ezike has done well in his fight against crime in Imo state; but at what point did Okorocha influence him in the act of illegality? This question is very controversial and must require details to deal with it hence I have decided to publish this in parts.

When the Eke-Ukwu market was demolished and in view of so many things people were saying against Mr. Ezike on social media, I called him on phone and asked him some questions. In fact, my opening words with a scowl countenance which was reflected in my exasperated voice while the CP picked my call was, “…Mr. CP why have you allowed Gov. Rochas to use you to consolidate an act of illegality in the demolition of Eke-Ukwu Owerri? Are you not aware of the subsisting court order to this effect? He calmed down and in equanimity answered my questions and consequently cleared my doubts.

I discovered through my discussion with him that he was not served by any court to this effect according to him. Again, following the nature of crimes going on at Douglas road, and being a man sent to fight crime and criminality in Imo state, he saw the demolition as an opportunity to evacuate some criminals. He insisted that nobody can stop him from doing the right thing. On Gov. Rochas influence on him, the commissioner of police maintained that he is not under any influence by anybody. I must humbly implore our amiable cum sociable CP not to allow his rising profile to be messed up by Gov. Rochas who will finally abandon him unexpectedly in the hour of need.
To be continued.

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