IMO Youths Millionaires

Promise Made Promise Fulfilled.

Promise Made Promise Fulfilled.

Today Friday,The Talk And Do Governor of IMO State,Owelle Dr Rochas Okorocha,fulfilled his promise of making IMO Youths millionaires by issuing cheques to them.

The youths who are 305 in numbers and have earlier emerged through a bailout,could not believe themselves when the God sent governor and other leaders in the state started handing over the cheques to them.

It would be recalled that the open minded,humanitarian,philanthropic and intelligent governor before this time stated that he will empower IMO youths with one million naira each,and in keeping to this promise,the governor today fulfilled his promise.

This is promise made promise fulfilled
This is promise made promise kept.
Truly, Owelle Rochas Okorocha,the dynamic, able and caring governor of IMO State, is a Talk And Do Governor.

IMO is better.

Owelle Rochas Okorocha is perfectly working.

From: Emeka Macdonald.
Rescue Mission Social Media Group.
Formerly OMC.

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