Imo Police Commissioner Orders The Release Of Kelechi Agoha Illegally Detained By SARS

The ebullient, vibrant and proactive Commissioner of Police in Imo State, Mr. Chris Ezike has responded to my distress letter to him dated 19th June 2017, wherein I exposed the uncivilized, criminal and ungodly nature of his officers at the Special Armed Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Imo State Police Command.

The officers led by the Commander and the Investigating Police Officer (IPO), Mr. Uche illegally detained an Innocent boy MasterKelechi Agoha for two weeks due to his inability to raise the sum of N30,000 = for his bail, even though bail is free. For details, please see the attached letter to the Police Commissioner dated 19th June,

I sent the letter to the Police Commissioner through RED STAR EXPRESS COURIER Company based in Owerri the state capital. The letter which was simultaneously made public and copied influential high profile authorities in the Country, attracted wide condemnation from the Global reading audience, also demanded severe punishment for the Commander of SARS and his IPO (Mr. Uche).

The letter reportedly got to the CP’s Office on time yesterday (19th June, 2017) but his attention was not drawn to it. He rather read his letter on the Internet around and was shocked with its contents.
The CP reportedly called the Commander on phone and expressed his displeasure over his ungodly and criminal conduct of detaining an Innocent boy who committed no crime whatsoever. The CP, Chris Ezike reportedly ordered the Commander to release Kelechi Agoha without further delay, and to report to his office today for explanation for
his wicked action.

The Commander who was obviously afraid for the disciplinary action he was to face quickly called the IPO, Mr. Uche and gave him the marching order to head straight to the SARS Office that night (last night). At the SARS Office, both the Commander and the IPO (Mr. Uche) brought out Kelechi Agoha from his cell and quickly asked him to dress up. The time was 9:14pm. Also, they called Kelechi Agoha’s father (Mr. John Agoha) on phone to come to the station to pick his son. But Mr. John Agoha informed the Commander and the IPO that he would not make it, as it was night and risky for him to do so.

The Commander, obviously aware that he is in trouble and so desperate to cover his dirty and useless tracks, forced Master Kelechi Agoha out of the Police Command, after giving him the sum of N500 = for his transport fare. He told Kelechi to find his way home. Not satisfied with his release of Kelechi Agoha, the Commander and IPO (Uche) in the
unfolding drama also released six other illegal detainees. He gave them N500 each and led them to the security gate of the Imo State Police Command and pushed them out, asking them to find their ways. The time was about 9.50pm last night.

The boy’s Father (Mr. John Agoha) called me last night and briefed me on the development. I instructed him to report to my house this morning with his son, Kelechi. At 8:35am this morning, Mr. John Agoha and his son Kelechi came to my house and briefed me properly on what happened at the SARS office last night. We snapped pictures and
thanked Almighty God for his mercies.

Let me at this point thank the Crusader and Man of God in Police Uniform, CP Chris Ezike for his prompt response to my distress letter. By this singular action, he has proved to be the CP of the down trodden. He is the CP of the less privileged and indeed the CP of the Voiceless in our society. CP Chris Ezike will do better if he visits all the detention centers (cells) inside the Imo Police Command Headquarters for one on one interaction with detainees.

Honestly, he would be shocked to his bone marrow to discover that 75% of so called suspects in those cells committed no crime whatsoever. Also, I am calling on the ebullient CP Chris Ezike to strictly ensure that those Armed Robbers, kidnappers, thieves, rogues, criminals and unscrupulous elements in Police Uniforms parading as Officers of the Special Armed Robbery Squad (SARS), Imo State Police Command are decisively dealt with, for throwing mud (potopoto) on the credibility and integrity of the Nigeria Police Force.

I do not have a gun, but I have the gun. I will continue to fight for the Voiceless in our society, so help me God.
I rest my pen.

Hon. Citizen (Dr) Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha, FCAI MKDA
Former Senior Special Assistant on Media
Former Senior Special Assistant on Special Duties.
Imo State House of Assembly
Owerri–Imo State Nigeria
20th June, 2017.
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