On Imo Equity, I stand

You may lay claim to the politically correctedness of the move but not the morally correctedness of it.

No God fearing man from Orlu will support any son or daughter of Orlu extraction aspiring for Governorship in 2019 hoohaaaa. Mekwanu ihe ma ya wuru gi. What is good for the goose dikwa very good for the gander.

Okigwe nwere legitimate claim to one tenure. Owerri nwere over legitimate claim to an eight years tenure. Chief Achike Udenwa, nwa-afor Orlu agala eight uninterrupted and so has Owelle Rochas Okorocha. Okigwe agala uninterrupted four years tenures while Owerri naralaha only months.

For me and any morally guided person with the fear of God, who leads Imo State is between Owerri and Okigwe. Any man from Orlu coming out isn’t coming because he wants to serve because no be force to serve. That person is either consolidating a family business or coming because of sheer greed.

I have been quiet for so long doing so many underground work and soon result ga akpo. Make I ask you onye Orlu, if Owerri and Okigwe decide say them go dey do tag team again because of the greed of a few of your sons, will you be happy?

Mekwanu ihe ma ya wuru gi. We have been hearing kepu-kepu about one nepotistic movement. Even I don listen to jingle sef prepared for that movement. My dear there is an extent you push a people and they will become wicked.

Orlu, una get money, your sons get cash to lure some longer-throat self acclaimed so-called leaders from Owerri and Okigwe but ihe mere some time ago will not happen just to one man but to a people and your silence and support to this evil will be the reason.

Wake up now and call your people to order because na una go complain marginalization mgbe unu kuru twenty years without getting into power forgetting that you started it. Call this whatever you want to call it. Truth is bitter. A word is enough for nde ma ihe.

by Mazi Obinna Akuwudike
Culled from Facebook

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