Government plans social welfare packages for Policemen working in Imo State

Imo State Governor, Senator Hope Uzodimma

Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State has said that his governmentwas working out a Social Welfare package to encourage policemen and allsecurity agencies working in Imo.

The Governor dropped the hint on Tuesday when he paid acondolence visit to the Police Command in Imo State to commiserate theleadership and personnel over the death of some of their members at the peak ofinsecurity in the state and in their efforts to repel the bandits who attackedthem and their formations in the State.

The Governor said that the social welfare package is “aimedat motivating and encouraging the security agencies in the State, and enhancingthe performance of the security men and boosting business activities in theState so that the welfare of Imo people will be guaranteed.”

The Governor also highlighted the need to insure all thepolicemen serving in Imo in addition to what the Nigerian Police Force has inplace already for her personnel.

He said: “We intend to insure men and women of the NigerianPolice working in Imo State to an extent that where there is any casualty notonly the palliative measure will be provided by the government, the InsuranceCompany will take the responsibility of making sure that the liabilities andobligations of those who died, including family obligations will be containedin the policy.”

Governor Uzodimma who expressed serious sympathy for those wholost their lives in an effort to secure Imo State and its people, notedthat “in everything we do in life, what will be will be and whatwill not be will not be,’’ emphasizing that the Nigerian Police is the lasthope of the common man in terms of security.

“If the Nigerian Police is challenged, the security andprotection of Nigeria is challenged,” the Governor said, adding that”Government will not only partner with the police, but will do her best tosupply in sufficient number, what they need to succeed in theiroperations.”

He reminded the officers and men that their role is critical inthe society and commended them for having played such role very effectively.

Governor Uzodimma also advised the officers and men to showcourage in the discharge of their duties whenever the bandits try to test theirprofessional competence. He encouraged them to defend themselves as mush as possiblefrom any external aggression that threatens their lives and that of theproperty entrusted in their care.

The Governor commended the Police Commissioner in Imo State, Mr.Abutu Yaro and his team for their gallantry and assured them that they are notalone in their effort to restore peace and security in Imo. He prayed God toalways be with them in their effort to protect lives and property in Imo State.

The Governor reiterated that Government is doing all within herpowers to reach out to all families that lost their loved ones recently,including their children and wives, and extended his condolences to the entirepolice formation and families of the victims in Imo State who were affected inthe effort to return sanity to Imo State.

In addition, the Governor appealed to all Divisional PoliceOfficers (DPO’s) in Imo state to ensure that all criminals in the localgovernments, communities and rural areas are arrested and made to face the law.He promised that at the State level all who had been found culpable andconfessed to crime will be charged to court and made to face the law.

The Governor thanked the Inspector General of Police (IGP) forthe support he gave to Imo State during the time of the crisis.

He also expressed sincere gratitude of the Imo Government andher people to President Muhamadu Buhari for accepting to support Imo fightinsecurity through the State Command.

Finally, the Governor enjoined all politicians who are involvedin the crises and bloodletting business in Imo State in particular and Nigeriain general, “to repent and refrain forthwith or be ready to face the wrathof God.”

Earlier in his welcome address, the Commissioner of Police, ImoState Mr. Yaro had welcomed the Governor on the visit, describing the visit assignificant in three ways.

“First, it is the first time in 40 years of Policeformation in Imo State that a Governor will pay a condolence visit to thePolice Command in the State.

“Secondly, the visit has demonstrated to a largeextent the cordial relationship as well as the value the Governor attaches tothe Police operations in Imo State.

“Thirdly, the visit has rejuvenated the morale of thePolice Command to the highest level which acts as a boost and encouragement forthe police to bounce back to do what they know how to do best.”

Yaro used the opportunity to reassure Imo people that theState’s police formation is back to her normal duties, “which goes to meanthat Imo is back to business.” He called on Imo people to come out and goabout their normal business without molestation and harassment.

He further thanked the Governor for all his support to thepolice and urged Imo people to cooperate with the his officers and men as “thepolice is your friend.’’

Oguwike Nwachuku

Chief Press Secretary/Special Adviser, Media to Governor

June 15, 2021

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