Emergency Legislation on Honesty and Love


The English have an axiom which states that nobody can legislate on honesty. I wish to add that nobody can legislate on love also. But without the aid of a seer it is obvious the deceptive oppressors of Nigeria and Nigerians has recently since the Kaduna declaration become apostles of honesty and love among the diverse nationalities of Nigeria. Honesty in the sense that many who hitherto indeed just few weeks ago would not entertain any thought of restructuring of the crooked Nigerian polity are now pontificating on the truth of the intolerable condition of Nigeria as a whole. Then love in the sense that they now deceptively preach love among Nigeria. But the truth remains that nobody can legislate on honesty and love. Hence, this season of emergency legislations on honesty and love is simply insincere and laughable.

Would anyone expect century old hatred and malice among nations in the Nigerian union to just align to love overnight? But that is what the pseudo-leaders of Nigeria are now doing; setting the country up for another ride on the sensibilities and integrity of Nigerians. A lot of bad waters have passed under the dirty bridge of Nigeria. Historically, the north, the east and the west have never been known to have love for one another. And for that terrible fault unity and peace have continually eluded Nigeria. There has always been an unhealthy engagement among the Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba nations with regards to issues pertaining to the common patrimony of Nigeria. Hausa particularly have insisted on the winner takes all, divide and rule system and tactics. This has kept the north struggling in their failure to dominate and suppress the south. And rather than harness the wealth of the country and utilize it for the overall development of the country the north would prefer commandeering the commonwealth for personal benefits of their few educated elite.

The obvious whipping dog in the premeditated and deliberate oppression and suppression of the country by the north has remained the very resourceful east. Since independence the east has earned the hatred of the north and the west< leading to the gang up to hamper and hinder the east from growing and developing at the rate they indicated the capacity to reach. This has been traced to demonic envy and jealousy against the great people of the east. The extent of the hatred against the east has manifested in every facet of the Nigerian society, politically, socially and economically. While it lasted, the east have always made good efforts to get themselves reintegrated into Nigeria but met with shun and rebuff by the rest of Nigeria especially the north. The last bus stop for the people of the east is the consciousness of their indirect exclusion as citizens of Nigeria. Crumbs of the national cake are dropped for the east like to unwanted dogs.

The east has seen and very well knows the face of very bitter hatred in Nigeria. They reached the stage where they decided to behave like foreigners, doing dirty jobs to keep body and soul in good relationship. But then the same attitude was prevalent both in the north and west where the majority suffered to death for hunger. While all of the inhuman dehumanization of the poor masses from the north, east and west but particularly the east, was playing out hatred by the leaders on the masses met with hatred mixed with bitterness by the masses against the leaders. Today, the country is like a devil’s kingdom where only evil thrives. The falcon cannot hear the falconer. All the heavy drums and songs for love and unity fall on deaf ears of the masses that have gotten hardened by the wickedness of the leaders. There is insecurity in the north just as there is insecurity in the east and west of Nigeria. Life is not safe anywhere in Nigeria.

There is the fear of death everywhere on everybody in Nigeria. Violent crimes have continued to increase in astronomical rate with even the security arrangement heavily threatened by the height of crime rate in the country. Police officers, military officers, politicians, traditional rulers, civil servants, clergymen, children and old people are daily kidnapped for ransom. The Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram, and the Islamic terrorist herdsmen that have been rated as very dangerous and deadly in the world have a very prominent operational presence in Nigeria. They have killed more Nigerians than were killed during the civil war. They have raped more women than ever in Nigeria. And nobody seems able to do anything about their menace all over the country. Indeed, things have fallen far apart in Nigeria! That is where Nigeria is and suddenly at the increase in the heat of agitation for Biafra, the Arewa youths released their Kaduna Declaration and Nigeria has not remained the same again.

Then suddenly the wicked leaders who never wanted to hear about restructuring are beginning to express sympathy for restructuring of the country. They teach the overused masses to show love which they know or should know died in Nigeria many years ago. What is love? Where is the love? Who is the epitome of love in Nigeria? When was love last seen in Nigeria? No doubt these and more are questions that agitate the minds of supposed Nigerians that have become completely disenchanted with the wickedness of leaders of the country. These impoverished masses in their multiple millions are not oblivious of the truth that it is this same preachers of love that hit them with killer hatred that turned them into living dead. They also know that the same leaders are terrible hypocrites who say one thing and end up doing another.

They are so sure that those preaching love now will show hatred when once the masses believe them. It is difficult to believe Nigerian leaders. In fact, it has been proved foolish trusting in Nigerian leaders at all levels. With all this forming the true situation of the relationship among Nigerians the sudden emergency preaching of love will be difficult to convince the Nigerian masses: particularly those of the east. To those in the southeast will there be a new state to bring them in parity with other zones in the country? Will Federal Character be implemented to the letter? Will Quota System be implemented to the letter? Will budget appropriations for capital projects be equitable for all the regions? Will the Nigerian president be allowed to be produced by the east when it is their turn as per zoning and rotation system? Will service chiefs be appointed to reflect the confederating units? Will cutoff mark into institutions of higher learning be the same for all Nigerian children irrespective of their region in Nigeria? Will the marginalization of Ndigbo be a thing of the past? It is difficult to answer those questions sincerely in the affirmative.

Things may be readjusted and realigned somewhat but certainly things will never be the same again among the north, the east and the west of Nigeria> That is why the only reliable thing to do is to get the National Assembly with the support of the various Houses of Assembly in the confederating units to commence the process of restructuring this country to reflect fiscal federalism. But where as it seems this will be too difficult for the north particularly why not they invite the ECOWAS, the AU, the UN and all other relevant agencies to commence the process of granting independence to Biafra. This has been underscored as the most sustainable option for lasting unity and peace in Nigeria. Whatever happens at the end, it is laughable for anybody to be struggling to legislate on love and honesty or even attempt to enforce same in Nigeria.

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