Dimensions of Spiritual Knowledge [Part 2]


The simple that has a naïve priest as a leader, must pass on those signs and be co-punished with his priest. The priest having rejected proper knowledge must be punished by God. God said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me…” Hosea 4:6. From the foregoing, it means that one of the ways God could reject a priest is by the priest rejection of true and divine knowledge. The ocean of wisdom abounds and the priest who scoops from such source is the one that has the ear and attention of the divine.

Signs are means of communication. Your being prudent is based on the understanding and interpretations of such signs. The simple therefore is the man who does not see reason to understand such signs and its corresponding meanings. The fellow becomes like the pastor who prayed and instructed the boy to go ahead against the true instruction from the-Real-Divine that came through signs. Today, he is still in the hospital receiving treatment. It could interest you to know that after that incident, the twitching at the lower part of his eyes stopped. How could one interpret such? O no, it is omen and superstition. This is the voice of a naïve priest. There are many ways God talks to man let us not be hypocritical about this.
A young lady spoke to me few days ago and consequently shared her own experience. As an Evangelist in the vineyard of grace, she said that her cheek together with her lips were twitching her simultaneously to the extent that she became afraid and prayed and fasted for it to stop but the prayer did not extinguish the body vibration and communication. Consequently, she lived in fear of the unknown as the twitching continued. As a result of same, she consulted her father in the Lord, who is a well respected Bishop in the Pentecostal Church, who however, prayed for her and admonished her not to attach importance to such as it represents the pagan’s system of religious thought.

She complied with the instruction and detached her mind from it, yet it continued. When the twitching persisted, she re-contacted her Bishop, the Bishop being exasperated demanded that the young lady should come to him for a special deliverance section which she finally obliged the great man of God. The Bishop then prayed and destroyed every spirit of omen and superstitious thinking prevailing on the mind of the young lady. At the end of the deliverance prayer, the lady Evangelist received a call from her elder brother telling her that her only sister that returned from Germany and preparing to travel home has died. The lady Evangelist heard the news and shouted and fainted at the same time. She was rushed to the hospital and when she regained consciousness, she then called her Bishop to inform her of the news. It could interest you to know that the moment that news came, the body twitching stopped.

The Bishop was bamboozled and perplexed at the news and he encouraged the young lady. The lady Evangelist share all this with me and her experience made her realize that there are more to human existence than wearing clerical regalia and jumping up and down on the pull-pit without proper knowledge.
The young lady after reading my weekly article, called and shared this pathetic story with me and finally asked, if there could have been a way her sister would have been freed if she had knowledge and corresponding meanings of those signs? I smiled at her question and told her that those signs were designed to aid her access into the mind of the Divine in order to obtain mercy. The feelings that we do have are not ordinary sometimes.

God speaks to us in different ways. The Bible says, “For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not” Job 33:14. God does not speak only but once to human beings but the point is that man does not regard it. How does God speak and man does not regard it? The answer is simple; man ignores himself and does not take cognizance of the voice of God within and around him. The voice of God is always around those that have wisdom of the hidden divine knowledge.
If man takes cognizance of divine voice within him, irrespective of his religious creed and credo, certain things will not take him by surprise. O yes, he would not be taken unawares anyhow. He will gain access into time on time by those messages and act accordingly in order to forfend it. This is the basis of all my articles. The Bible enthuses, “Surely the lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants…” Amos 3:7. You are God’s servant so you should understand the silent cum vibrating messages of your God around your body and save yourself.

God respects knowledge. For your information and if only for the purpose of refreshing your memory, I wish to infer here however, that everything in life vibrate and man by spiritual nature is one of the highest channels through which divine vibration is consummated. In man, are various spiritual gargets for divine message transmission, he who is ignorant of this, is the one that is spiritually blind. In man, are various plans of expression; they all respond to messages and distribute same to various layers within the unit of human existence.
The governor of carnal desire does not allow man to attain the height of proper spiritual knowledge. Man is still cocooned within the bar of material desire hence he is ignorant of spiritual channels of receiving divine messages. Our body is properly equipped with solid means of hearing and understanding divine messages. Do you know that nobody dies or encounters any failure in life without receiving symbolic cosmic warnings via his body electro-magnetic system? God does not keep man away from such information but the point is that man is blind.

Today, our method of thinking is going too scientific yet we have refused to study ourselves in the light of proper spiritual science. We are still not spiritual irrespective of too many churches springing up from time to time; though they have more of pecuniary interest than the profound desire to do God’s will. In this dimension or plane of existence, man must try within divine given volition to exhaust all carnal propensities such as pride, greed, conceit, envy, hate, jealousy, to mention but a few; so as to be able to attain the position of proper life and be found worthy of divine assistance in understanding symbolic body vibrations.

I may be called names by some naïve priests who have refused to understand that every truth ever preached began as blasphemy. After all, Christian religion began as a blasphemous movement created to oppose ancient Judaism. Let us learn how to open to new revelations and by so doing access realities of life. Do not close doors of divine inspiration by your ignorance rather open up to yourselves and save your soul from destruction. God talks to us from time to time.

Prof. Protus Nathan UZORMA
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