Dimensions of SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE [Part 1]


The fact is that we have misunderstood ourselves in the light of spiritual spectrum of reality. We have grossly applied some vain philosophies of life that have greatly assisted mankind in the acceleration of his predicament. Ignorance is responsible! We must realize that we are one with HIM the internally eternal God and he separates ignorance from knowledge at all time and in due time. Some of the hidden wisdom of God is buried in the hidden but spiritually fertilized soil of nature culminating in the spiritual dimension of human physiology.
I must say here that man is a unit of a higher energy and therefore generates hidden energies within him that are geared towards consolidation of his spiritual and physical being. It is consequent upon this that various aspects of his bodies vibrate in accordance with the forces of light to pass or emit information to the gross material body. This is the hidden wisdom imbedded in the unit of the super-conscious being-man in order to guide him in the right path. It is unfortunate that many people negate this and pass on in life in conspicuous penury, excruciating and deplorable conditions.

In order to traverse material cum chaotic dimensions, man must be in tune with the infinite God, the maker of his soul. One should refrain from confusing his personal theology with reality. Today, people simply sweep away and vilify or negate any ideology remotely spiritual, organized religion has organized God’s spirituality out of place by consolidating conventional cum ubiquitous halleluiah hysteria believe system bereft of wisdom. Mankind appears not to be interested in spiritual reality as a result; humanity now believes what they are told by those they look up to in authority. Some earthly priests have therefore become our surrogate parents and holy fathers no matter how ignorant they are or appear to be. Though, this makes some sense in one aspect of organized religion because man must survive by dominating his fellow man through implementation of religious dominion. This is the outcome of naivety and mediocrity which has today a source of survival to some modern earthly priests.
I strongly believe that one day, when the sons of God on earth shall become wise, the prophets that feed on the ignorance of Christ congregation shall die of hunger. Until that day, man must search for freedom. As a researcher in the path of spiritual knowledge, knowing that there exists core spirituality in Christian religion, is too tantalizing to ignore hence my profound interest. My core interest in ancient biblical spirituality usually clamours for serious unsatisfying attention hence my interest to emancipate humanity from the morass of ignorance.

Let me sound philosophical here. The writings of antiquity of the twenty four year old Roman scholar Giovanni Pico (1463-94) established the fact on the brilliance of mankind and its privileged place in creation. According to Pico’s parable, after God made the universe and populated it with angelic beings of heaven and the beasts of the earth, each with its specific nature and function, he still needed a creature to ‘think on the plan of his great work.’ In his words, “…with the sharpness of his senses, the acuity of his reason, and the brilliance of his intelligence (he is) the interpreter of nature, the model point between eternity and time.”
Pico’s landmark Oration opens with an appeal to two authorities. The first is Abdala the Saracen, the ninth century Muslim scholar Abd-Allah ibn Qutaybah, who declared ‘there was nothing more wonderful in the world than man’. Pico follows with a quotation from the same mysterious sage whom Copernicus also cited: ‘the celebrated exclamation of Hermes Trismegistus, “What a great miracle is man, Asclepius confirms this opinion.

Man has been at the center of everything in nature. The importance of religion is built all around him. The power of spirituality is his nature while ignorance has played major role in disuniting him with his maker. The willingness to take seriously and adjust with speed other sound spiritual wisdom hitherto not native to his consciousness is considered abominable. Some churches are very wary of learning as they frown at novelty and spiritual intellectual challenge. The frenzy of interest to proper knowledge resists sound spiritual renaissance.
The kind of renaissance the present day church supports is the kind that will only provide food on the table and cause them to live in affluence and opulence. This kind of Neo-credo that has bedeviled and cocooned the church does not allow the core practice of love to manifest. As a result, any one with the vision, mission and ability to navigate the extraordinary and translate spiritual metaphors cum biblical oxymoron into conventional reality with spiritual and intellectual insight, the same is usually abused, vilified, negated and blasphemed. When shall this end?

The Bible says, “A rebuke goes deeper into a man of understanding, than a hundred blows into a fool” Prov. 17:10. Think about this!
“We speak the wisdom of God in a mystery.” In this ground braking wisdom there is nothing that happens to man, that nature which God ordained within him does not give him earlier and direct information about it. Some know it, many ignore it and few appreciate it and enjoy their relationship with God. Every part of our body is a divine agency center (Temple of God) through which God communicate to us. This communication could be through signs, signals and much more.

A born again Christian Brother called me some weeks ago and said to me that the lower part of his left eye was twitching and quivering seriously when he wanted to undertake a serious business venture. He prayed and was prayed for by his pastor who finally instructed him to pay his tithe from the money he was going to buy goods with. The Christian Brother consequently obeyed the man of God, paid his tithe and decided to proceed to his journey. But before he went he called me on phone and informed me of the signs he was receiving from the lower part of his left eyes. He also sought for the meanings, I told him to wait and watch before undertaking the journey. He replied, “Prof, my pastor has prayed for me and God is in control…”
Following his confession, I asked him to do what the Holy Spirit has instructed him to do. The young man ignored the whole body signs and proceeded to his business trip. When he got to Lagos, according to him, he picked his money from the bank and on his way; he was robbed and shot on his left leg.

The bible says, “A prudent man foreseeth the evil and hideth himself, but the simple pass on, and are punished” proverbs 22:3. From the bible assertion, one may ask, how does the prudent man foresees the evil and hides himself from it? The answers are not farfetched hence there are various means of receiving spiritual information within the unite of human consciousness. The prudent man is he who knows through divine knowledge and research (revelation by reading authentic books) that God has voiced all his intentions to humanity through nature. The will of God can be found in nature and he who understands it, foresees the future. The future could be seen by various signs that are in nature, the prudent man knows it while the simple one is ignorant of same and he passes on and is punished.

The simple is he who looks at the divine voice in nature as omen or superstition. I am aware of the fact that the inability of some Christians in not understanding certain spiritual phenomenon, has greatly led to the reason why certain realities are neglected and consequently nicknamed. As a result, the simple is punished under the system of thought that such believe system is blind faith. Regarding such as blind faith is a spiritual bugaboo that haunts the ignorant believer. Nevertheless, humanity must be saved!
There are things that happen to us that we do not have any explanation to. God ordered things in nature to speak to us in various ways and they all represent various subtle meanings. We suffer as a result of so many credos that are not native to spiritual reality. We create our own evils through our creed and the same produces the evil that we complain hitherto. Belief without understanding is the core foundation for error and spiritual misunderstanding. The limited thinking cum naïve implementation of biblical ideologies of some uninformed priests is one of the reasons responsible for the possession of demonism in the contemporary society.

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