The Desperate Search for Cattle Colonies: An Option B for the Jihadists


The very fact that in this day and age in the 21st century when other nations are strategizing to live in outer space and conquer their environment that some political leaders would moot the idea of a cattle colony on other federating groups speaks volumes of how low we have regressed in choosing our so-called leaders. I have a strong premonition that now that the idea of the cattle colony has failed to fly, the Fulani desperadoes will not give up their agenda of colonizing the country. I am not amused that of recent they have been assuring the South of Nigeria that the cow colonies will not be extended to their domains. This has led to celebration and jubilation across the affected states who presume that the worst is over. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

The inescapable fact is that they will explore lines of least resistance in order to actualize their agenda of black on black colonialism. This Fulani people from the desert are on a political, territorial and religious conquest. To be specific, what I mean is that they can switch their focus to the area of using surrogates to acquire massive expanse of land and even sponsor local monarchs who will eventually hand over whole communities to them in the fullness of time. Are you aware that a Muslim is a traditional ruler(aka emir) in one of the over 600 autonomous communities in Imo State? Does this news not hit you like a bomb in the solar plexus? If it does not, then your Igboness has a big question mark over it. This is to say that one of the monarchs in Imo State is a muslim. How can this be, more so, since we are told that traditional rulers are the custodians of the traditions and cultures of the people. Now, since Islam is a way of life which is quite different from what obtains in Igbo land, whose cultures and traditions is a Muslim monarch, an emir, representing in a community that is 99.9 Christian. This is the question that has to be put to the Imo House of Traditional Rulers.It is sad to remind the reader that is the sort of error that culminated in the settler/indigene conlicts in places like Middle Belt of Nigeria.These crises have culminated in the incessant and interminable blood letting in those areas. It is very criminal and calamitous for any generation to of Igbo to be so naive as to cede any area of its territory to a Muslim as monarch or as land owner. Whoever does this is an enemy of posterity. It is an abomination for the present generation of Igbo to hand over a way-prone nation to posterity or to Generation Next.

The scenario reminds one of the adage in Chinua Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart “ which posits” :”Since hunters have learnt to shoot without missing, Eneke, the bird, has learnt to fly without perching.” Put the other way, this is to say that since the Igbo have become courageous enough to confront the Fulani over the issue of cattle colonies, why not actualize the same agenda from a line of least resistance, more so, since the Igbo man is a slave to money? This line of least resistance is to use surrogates and fronts to secure monarchies(EZES) in IGBO nation. As stated above, this has already kicked off in Imo State where one of the monarchs is a Muslim. Please take judicial notice that this Muslim Eze or Emir in Imo State was created long before the present governor, Chief Owelle Okorocha, became governor. Since the monarchy in Igbo land is for sale to the highest bidder and not to men of reputation or integrity, the Fulani can mobilize enough petrodollars to acquire not only monarchies in Igbo land but can also use their huge financial resources to buy off massive expanse of land in the guise that they would be used for some developmental projects such as agriculture etc. It has been the regular practice for governors in Igbo land to engage in proliferation of monarchies.This is because the creation of new Ezes and communities have become a cash cow, more so, in an environment of recession. Luckily for these governors, a potential traditional ruler is prepared to pick whatever bill to become a proud owner of an own kingdom. Some of these traditional rulers use the moneys they acquired through dubious means to buy a kingdom in a desperate bid to elongate their curriculum vitae.

One of the hallmarks of success in the Igbo Communities today is the ability to own a kingdom and be addressed as His Royal Majesty(HRM) or His Royal Highness(HRH). Another platform that is making the waves now is for one to be not just a Knight of the Church but ,above all, a Papal Knight. In fact, one of the Knights confided in me that the battle to be a Knight of the Anglican or Catholic Church now is as acrimonious as that of wanting to be a governor. It does not matter that the monarch, Knight or Papal Knight does not in anyway manifest any exemplary traits that edify the name of the Immanent Supreme Triune Deity, the Omnipotent, the Omniscient and the Omnipresent God. Very often, members of these two groups are fanning the embers of the interminable crises in the political and communal ambience in Igbo land. After playing nefarious roles in the instability in land, they are honoured with such titles as Knights, Papal Knights and Traditional Rulers. This group of people who are desperate to have these accolades and diadems are ready to pay any amount, no matter how hefty, in order to actualize their agenda. They sit in the front pews in the church and are usually on first name intimacy with the ecclesiastical leaders. It does not matter that most of them are morally bankrupt and see the church as a social club and not a platform to make heaven . Of course, some of them are holy and will move straight to the bosom of the Lord, in case of any eventuality. Yes, there are those who may be raptured alive and will see the Beatific Vision once they cross the great divide. To this group, one is profusely apologetic on some narratives here. So, since vigilance is the price of eternal liberty, we must keep our State Governors ,traditional rulers and members of the bourgeoisie class in Igbo Land under very close surveillance in order to guard against playing into the hands of these Jihadist colonialists who may flood the Igbo land with petrodollars from their headquarters in search of lands and colonies to buy from cash-strapped natives. If this caveat is not heeded, Ndigbo may wake up too late to find out that their zone has been taken over by the Jihadists through subtlety and duplicity. So, when their so-called global billionaires come to ask for your land to enable them build factories and embark on agricultural projects, please, reject such demonic offers which may in the long run transmogrify to Greek Gifts. They have enough expanse of land in Sambisa forest and in the Sahelian zone for their cattle colonies and related projects.

NB Perhaps, there is a need to amplify the fact that the Muslim who is a monarch(i.e. emir) in Imo State has been there long before the incumbent governor, Owelle Okorocha , became governor.

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