APC evil has reached God Almighty – Richmond Osuji


Former Chairman of Aboh Mbaise Local Government Area in Imo State and a chieftain of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Hon Richmond Osuji (Enyioha), have said that the evil deed of Imo chapter of All Progressives Congress (APC) is now hunting them. According to him, every secret thing in APC will soon be unearthed by God Almighty, with the ongoing betrayal and in-fighting in the party. He said with what is happening, you don’t need a prophet to know that the people’s prayers have been heard by God about APC and that Imo State is now on the part of being liberated by the PDP.

Speaking to journalists recently while making assessment of the ongoing APC internal party wrangling in APC over the congress election, the astute politician said what is happening in APC is a sign that God is angry and has remembered Imo state after APC suffered the people for seven years. He said Governor Okorocha in collaboration with those fighting him were amongst the people that put Imo state to the tight corner they are in today.

“Who is fooling who” he queried “Governor Okorocha the big dictator and his cohorts who are now in disagreement because of their selfish interests cannot win election in Imo today.” “Imo people are wiser now and nobody will forget in a hurry the roles played by certain persons now fighting Okorocha during the last 2015 elections and that of the Okigwe senate re-run”. Chief Osuji said the APC will pay dearly for their selfish ambitions and for supporting evil against the people during the 2015 governorship election.

Osuji also accused the APC of deeply dividing Imo people along communities and political divide, adding that the desperation among the collaborators now turned conspirators of Okorocha agenda, will soon meet a brisk wall because Okorocha will not fail to speak the truth to the Imo electorates over his government’s wrongdoings and how some of them deceived him into working against them for the last seven years. Most of the conspirators are neither here nor there in party loyalty and even those who are arbiters or referees or monitors will be accused by Gov. Okorocha soon.

How they betrayed Imo best candidate, Rt. Hon Ihedioha in the 2015 governorship election will soon be revisited and revealed. Chief Osuji said Imo State will soon hear the truth on the role of many of those fighting Okorocha now, even though the state is going through a very difficult political evolution with so many political distortions and lies by greedy politicians, which will soon be punctured by the Hon Ihedioha, he revealed.

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