AGBASO cannot jostle for APGA National Chairmanship – Chief Erivo

Condemns Removal of CRS from WAEC syllabus

Martin Agbaso

Condemns Removal of CRS from WAEC syllabus

A Frontline politician and stakeholder of APGA in Imo State, Chief Frank Erivo, has opined that it is very wrong for Chief Martin Agbaso of the people’s Democratic Party (PDP) to jostle for the National Chairmanship of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA). Chief Erivo made this assertion while reacting to questions from newsmen who visited him recently.

Chief Erivo who was once a governorship aspirant under APGA, went further to state that Chief Martin Agbaso is just trying to play the hatchet rolls, which Sen. Ali Modu sheriff is playing in the people’s Democratic party (PDP). Chief Erivo advised Chief Martin Agbaso to Endeavour to resign from the PDP where he is a card-carrying member and apologize to APGA and wait for another 4 years before looking up for the position of National Chairman of APGA. Currently, the National chairmanship of APGA is occupied by Dr. Victor Oye, and he got there constitutionally.

On purported removal of Christian religious studies from WAEC Syllabus, Chief Erivo further posited that he does not believe that something like that happened, but if it happened, the federal government should make haste to rescind the decision, to avoid heating up the polity. He reminded the federal government that Nigeria is a secular country which has constitutional provisions which allows both Islamic and Christian religions too thrive. Removing Christian Religious studies and allowing Islamic studies to remain in the WAEC syllabus tantamount to Islamizing Nigeria gradually.

On the Sallah message sent to Nigerians in Hausa language by President Buhari, Chief Erivo stated that the story of sallah massages by president Buhari is very laughable. According to him, the media handlers of Mr. President are not helping the president at all. They ought to have advised president Buhari that it is wrong to send sallah message in Hausa in a country with 250 ethnic groups. The proper thing to do by president Buhari is to send his message in English language to avoid the problem, the Hausa message is causing now. Chief Erivo maintained that you can only fool some people all the time and you cannot fool all the people all the time. Let us fold our arms and watch the play and drama being acted with the ill health of Mr. President. It is not over until it is over.

On the issue of whether Nigeria should be restructured or not, Chief Erivo made it very clear that restructuring of Nigeria is the only way forward for Nigeria. According to him, restructuring will solve the problem of agitations that has become the order of the day. He stated that if Nigeria is not restructured, the possibility of the country disintegrating, will not be ruled out.

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