Gov.-Rochas-Okorocha projects

A social crusader and public opinion Analyst from Mbaitoli local government area, Chief Godson Onyemobi (God Father) has predicted that all the substandard projects scattered all over the nooks and cranny of Imo State by the outgoing government of Governor Okorocha will soon fissile away due to the “Acha Ere” nature of the construction work.

Speaking to some newsmen recently, Chief Onyemobi opined that he is worried over multiple “Acha ere” and “Mammy Water” projects that has no economic value scattered all over the 27 LGA of Imo State by the Rescue mission government of Okorocha. He said the projects include market projects that is becoming an eyesore, 27 block work Hospitals in the 27 LGA’s of Imo State that are now occupied by reptiles, rodents and weeds. Chief Onyemobi revealed that the alleged 15 kilometers road construction in the 27 LGA’s of Imo State by Governor Okorocha is a hoax and can be likened to Hardley Chase, (Tell it to the birds) story. Chief Onyemobi further revealed that the road constructions around Owerri West, Owerri North and Owerri municipal, like the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Inland roads plus the funnels called Tunnel are all death traps for motorists. 

Chief Onyemobi went further to state that he sees Governor Okorocha as a “bubu-yaya” man who is knows how to tell people what they want to hear and show them what they want to see like the impressionist buildings and Mammy water decorations along, Concorde/Yar’Adua road, bank road and artificial palm trees along wetheral road, Mbari Street and Chukwuma Nwoha road.

Chief Onyemobi wondered why any person should rely or believe in Governor Okorocha who at one time took over 200 people from Imo State to turkey on business trip that will bring Turkish people to Imo for developmental projects that never was. He said that his visit to KOSOVO and other countries mostly ended up as bubu-yaya and “popi yes, popi no”.

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